Chasing the Sunset
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Ivellios says:

repossession of leafs as negotiated by a pixie

Retiarius says:

Oh, man...not only did Leaf's soul get sold, his agents took a cut. His PIXIE agents. What was it the duck said? "Doom-ed! Doooooom-ed!"

Aebliss says:

This is no way to negotiate! o_o; Darnit, why couldn't Feiht have just janked him out of the Void BEFORE the furies got their mits on him again?

pepz says:

man Feith really knows how to negiotiate :D I wish my agent would have demanded gems and sugar :D

BibbedyBobbedyBoo says:

I'm sure I signed a contract like that the other day... and just after the silver toaster exploded.

Soleil says:

The furies going into him look kinda creepy.

nice comic

MoonMinx says:

blow things up shinily. typical

MoonMinx says:

and i like the quill.*amazed* it's even better than my sisters' quills

*Skittles* says:

Mommy! I wanna rainbow quill! *throws tantrum*

Unigirl says:

Feiht really needs to refine her handwriting

CryptoGirl says:

she's a pixie. i'm just surprised she had the attention span to actually complete the contract.

Tensko says:

Hopefully do more than consider it...

Awesome says:

She used magic to finish the contract, thus it was instantaneous and she therefore didn't have an attention span to lose. Smart Pixie. :P

Retiarius says:

Actually, Feiht's contract is pretty much boilerplate for pixie deals; a simple amanuensis cantrip would suffice to make a copy. :P

I'm just wondering how the furies are going to keep their end of the bargain--if, indeed, they intend to do so.

Of course, there may be a contractual dispute over the unspecified quantities. The undefined plurals could be interpreted as "two shinies" and "two gems" and so forth, since pixies don't realize that most creatures don't understand that an undefined plural (and even a lot of singulars) are understood among pixies to mean "all". ("How many shinies?" "All of them, silly!") >:)

Isis says:

That's scary....letting a pixie handle negociations....especialy if that pixie is Feiht

Lee says:

"You get to blow things up shinily."

It's so wrong it just has to be right. Bwahahaaa!!


I don't suppose adbots count as worthy targets for Fury anger?

Seaspray says:

I'll say many things about Feiht, but she's not stupid.

She managed to get the Furies (who I doubt she and Sohac could have stopped) to re-possess Leaf while giving him control-able superpowers.

I wonder if you can get the void's effects to work on pixies in reality?

Skreyola says:

I love the contract she drew up. :)
She makes a good point.
It scares me when a pixie makes a good, thoughtful point.


By the way, the comment tab is a little wonky. When it first was added, it worked fine, but now, the Nickname and Site fields are to the right of the comment field, and they can't be scrolled to see what is in them. (Opera 9.21)

Nebra Reppalk says:

*Appears in fancy swivel chair and dressed in black robes*

Give into your anger Leaf, only then shall you know the true power of the Dark Side! *evil cackle*

Although I have to admit, there just isn't any pension or retirement plans for the bad guys. We never live long enough. But you do get good health and dental.

Sitara says:

That's naive alright.

Nooo, Feiht claimed all the muffins! :(

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Gotta love the rainbow quill;)

Odo says:


Railroaded by a pixie -- normal.

Occupied by Furies -- normal.

Not being allowed to view the contract -- normal.

Still being alive -- priceless.

Now all they have to do is get Leaf out of the Void.

Jewelcast says:

Last panel:
One word:

Nebra Reppalk says:

Let's see.... I think we can get by without a spellcaster now. Hm, I'm a Mountain King, so I can't handle this....

*Turns to fellow readers* Is there a Paladin in the house? Anybody? No Paladins? How about a priest? Tell me we at least have a priest present.

Amaindeii says:

Sorry Im an arcane archer... cant help ya..

bookbook says:

We Get:

You Get:
To Blow things up Shinily

I'll sign... if I can get all of it...

Nebra Reppalk says:

How about clerics? Any clerics? Favored Soul? Thaumagist? Anything from Complete Divine? ANYONE WITH MORE RANKS IN KNOWLEDGE (RELIGION) THAN ME?!

Oh, and could we get a caster to make a "Circle of Protection: Spammers" around here?

Oh, and if you click on my name, it should lead to this D&D webcomic I read. I like it, I think some of you will too.

Reinder says:

Nebra: There aren't that many, actually.Only problem is there seem to be quite a few popping up that the filters should catch, but don't. And that's annoying.

lylia123 says:

Love the contract that Feiht drew up!

Jynx says:

*raises eyebrow* For being ancient spirits (apparently not so evil now, merely...misunderstood?) they are really kind of stupid. Let me illistrate: they inhabit Leaf to gain control, then take over his mind when he's angry, making that control useless. Hmmm...

Jynx says:

*smiles dreamily* I love D&D. I'm a low-level (because I had two characters and decided to develop the other) sorceress. elf, of course. but I don't think I can help you, sorry.

Painted Cello says:

That does not look like a sensible contract... She spells 'gems' with a z...

Painted Cello says:

*Appears on a stool, with a 'cello, dressed in victorian-era clothes, and waving the 'cello bow* Don't give into you are anger, Leaf! Our instruments are too flammable, and furies to fiery! *Vanishes off back to wherever Painted Cello came from.*

Nebra Reppalk says:

Silly bard...

ScottyDM says:

Sweet! Nice way to sidestep the dilemma.

Retiarius says:

Sorry, Nebra, I've been playing D&D since there was a D&D (although I pretty much skipped 1st Ed. in favor of other games), but I don't think any of my developed D&D 3.x characters would be much help:

Wendolyn Willowand, halfling rogue, with at least twenty ranks of Nosing Into Places She's Not Supposed to Be.

Hazaq, a half-ogre barbarian/fighter/war hulk who likes kitties (although he has a loose definition of "kitty"), giving kids piggy-back rides (usually twelve at a time) and flying. The nicest nine-foot tall slob you'll ever meet, na´ve as all get-out (he'd probably GIVE the pixies shinies and trust them to return them, then forget about it). But never get him angry, and NEVER get at the receiving end of one of his charges unless you're in a hurry to visit the afterlife. In later levels, usually wears plate armor enchanted as an intelligent item to help keep him out of trouble. The armor bewails the stupidity of its wearer...

Cern, the ascetic monk, sworn to peace, nonviolence, laughter and tasty pancakes (he had ranks in Perform (comedy) and Profession (cook)). Yeah, I wanted to see how obscene you could make a monk using the Book of Exalted Deeds. But in my defense, I roleplayed the Vows of Nonviolence and Peace levels before he could take those feats, including such acts as almost dying to rescuing from a burning building fighters who had tried to kill him or trying to convince his "evil twin" created by a Mirror of Opposition to forswear violence and join with him to do good works in the world. He even got the party to raise a drow priestess that he'd sworn to protect from the dead (stupid AoE spells) so that she would have a chance at redemption.

(Now Cern might be able to help. His Calming Aura and insanely high Diplomacy skill might have even made the Furies decide to take up gardening...)

The current character I'm playing is a Smart Hero/Wizard/Loremaster (the game master had 1st-level Modern D20 characters kidnapped to a D&D world) named Dillon Bertram Russell (D.B. or Dilbert for short). His solution would likely be to get the Furies evicted and trap them on the Positive Material Plane until they vaporized. D.B. isn't as nice a fellow, I suppose.

OK, I have WAY to much frickin' free time on my hands...

Icy says:

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...Good job Feiht, you managed to sell off a near immortal creatures soul to spirits who obviously need to see Dr. Wong. GOOD FOR YOU!

bookbook says:

panel 7: "Gah!"
nice, leaf. how very articulate. some furies are actually considering a contract written by a pixie, those same furies are inhabiting his body, and all he can think of to say is "gah". reeaalll nice, leaf.

Pulsy says:

Bookbook: it's even worse. Look at his total text for this strip: Wha? Uhm... Er... Gah!

I think Leaf has simply no clue what's happening today :)

sami_the_ghost says:

So, after all that. Leaf is still posessed by spirits of rage that he can't control, but he understands.

BibbedyBobbedyBoo says:

Understanding is the first step toward control

halfdragon_mage says:

i feal bad for him he seems so helpless he kinda reminds me of a kid in my class.....

CoolHandNuke says:

ROFL Feiht's line in the fifth panel

Phenoca says:

Why can't all contracts resemble that list?

hailstorm says:


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