Weapon of Mass Destruction
Chasing the Sunset
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X-Kal says:

First comment?

Ah, it's good to see Leaf well again, well... sort of.

Next time, they'll pay their exorcist so he doesn't have to get reposessed? ^_^;;;;;

JonMW says:

First comment you are.
I still think that Leaf seriously needs some pants.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Right, that will work. "Remind me to fool you next time I need something destroyed."

Leaf may be naive, but he's not THAT naive.

Icy says:

Y'know, Leaf looks like a doctors patient with that tunic on. GASP!! MAYBE HE MET HOUSE!

Ivellios says:

hmm looks like leaf needs a new tunic in the first panel you can see ti is tearing at the bottom soon a strong wind will be very embarressing to leaf :P

Chakel says:

Ok, love the hotdog on stick.

Im not sure he is wearing clothes. I mean this is his soul-self or some mystical representation of himself in the void or um, well anyway its not the physical him. Which brings me to a question...why is he not nakey (explainable in a storyline sense not a our world sense)?

JonMW says:

His *very breezy* tunic thing has had the threading at the "split" for a while now, if memory serves... but the point about the strong wind stands.

Ivellios says:

I thought that each time it was shown it was a little higher but then again that might just be me, hell without my glasses on or contacts in I can't even see to to the end of my nose

Raisin says:

I think we all agree that Leaf needs either:
b)a longer dress(fine, TUNIC)
c)or to just be declared a girl once and for all
I'd go with a, myself.


Ooooooh, a bit of leg. Nice.

Um, yeah, I know he's a guy, but right now I'll take what I can get... :-S

bookbook says:

leaf looks:
much much older in panel 4,
much less innocent than he is in panel 6,
and REALLY like a girl in panel 7!

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think I have one thing to say to Alien:


Do you see me going all ga-ga over Ayne? No! I can keep my hormones in check, just end the fan service already. I swear to the gods of my Germanic ancestors that if this keeps up, I will hunt you down and visit you. Then you'll have to deal with my (imagined) multiple personalities, and lightsaber, and tendency to rant like a German, and...yeah...

Osk says:

heh, flawless pixie logic

Painted Cello says:

Leaf ran about in that tunic for a while, maybe his spirit-form is defined by what he thinks he looks like, and he mentally associates that tunic with himself, a sort visual signature, so his spirit ends up looking like that. It's just a theory.

soleil says:

heh, interesting that his eyes are red in the first panel.

so he can feel that they're inside him? That'd be weird..

X-Kal says:

Don't like the fanservice? It could be worse...


Though yeah, someone should take up a collection and buy leaf some pants ^_^;;

Nebra Reppalk says:

This is one of my mottoes: When in Rome, do as the Gauls do, wear your pants.

Jynx says:

Well, as it is his spirit form, I think it's lucky he's even wearing a tunic (and no, I really don't want to see a naked elf, thankyouverymuch). In my oppinion, his spirit form doesn't have to wear what his physical form does, as his physical form hasn't worn the tunic in a very, very long time.
But Leaf does seem to be...maturing...lately. He doesn't seem as childish as he used to be. oh, don't get me wrong, he still is childish, just not as much as before. I think.

Jynx says:

...I was thinking...Does anyone here think the Furies may be lending Leaf some of their personality, beyond just the whole blasting-things-to-smithereens? I was just wondering if they could, since Leaf can sence them inside him. They might be able to communicate with him specially, or something...

bookbook says:

i hope the furies go by the deal...
still, making a deal with a demon may be bad, but making a deal with a pixie is worse...

Kouishii says:

i was just going through the archives and noticed that leaf was going to use the mage staff to shoot somthing in comic #412. does this mean that he will actually be able to use the staff or was that just a coincedence?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Sorry, this is kind of random, but; I just got a five on my AP European History Test! VICTORY FOR PRUSSIA! (Wagner's "Kaiser March" begins playing) Yes, this is a glorious day, for I have done my ancestors honor by achievingn the highest possible grade! I have come through hardship, toil, and baptism by fire to achieve this honor!

Sorry, I felt like ranting.

Adi Sagestar says:

Know what would be cool? If the Furies stayed in him, but they could communicate and were seperate entities,like two - four, whatever - minds in one body. He could let them take control sometimes, but they would gain his judgement and self-control, and he could decide when they would take over. Sort of like a familiar inside your body.

hailstorm says:

He feels different cause fieht sold his SOAL

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