Exit Strategy
Chasing the Sunset
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Dariusknight says:

Woo! First comment!

Yeah... McGuyver lives, and Leaf sure puts things into perspective.

Kardinaal says:

is the coment thingy down or did I just score the for some reason very coveted first comment?

Anyways, jou just gotta love them pixies, don't you? And Leaf still hasn't given up on creating a plan, I see. I wonder if one will ever get used ;) .

Odo says:

Hmmm.. foop is the opposite of poof.. cool.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Agreed!- MacGyver lives! (But he still needs his Swiss Army knife....) What worries me more is that last line.... "Neither do we, but that doesn't stop us!" It doesn't stop them from a LOT of things....

AnyaDraconis says:

Foop. Ha.

Does he really need all that just to make his plan, or has he already made it without really knowing it? :P Or perhaps he does know...

Black Unicorn says:

Knowledge is NO BARIER!!

Foop! He he!!

bookbook says:

i love the awesome magic thingies!
new project for my life:make a magic symbol thingy dictionary!

Tensko says:

believe in your self leaf! YOu can poof( or even foop) if you try!

Adi Sagestar says:

Leaf really looks like a girl in this strip.

lylia123 says:

Poor Leaf with his girly hair.

Pulsy says:

actually i love Leaf's expression in the 5th panel, the thinking motion is amazingly well drawn! You can almost see the plans emerging from his head.

CryptoGirl says:

i agree. it is fairly awesome. and the 4th panel is cool, too. i really want to know what language the pixie writing is in. any ideas, anyone?

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Hehehe. Gotta love pixie reasoning:D

Nebra Reppalk says:

Gods of my ancestors! I cannot believe it, the pornos have gotten through! Yes, sitting right here in front of me is a comment with links to porno sites. And I didn't even have to follow them, it's pretty blatant.(If you are very lucky, Mith, Alien, or Reindeer has deleted it by now.)
However, here's a suggestion to the management: If at all possible, add one of those anti-bot security devices. You know, the type in the distorted letters and numbers type that bots find impossible to solve. I think there's a good chance spammers are mainly bots, and this might help.

Arydun says:

this comic is hilarious! Feight has got to be my favorite caracter!

EdorFaus says:

Mithandir says:

Yeah, we got some automatic anti-spam in place already. To give you an idea: yesterday 132 spam messages were blocked, coming from 81 different computers.
Compare this to a total of 2411 pageviews from 916 ip addresses yesterday and you see that near 10% of the traffic this site gets is spammers. Yuch.
Last week, 1029 spam messages from 468 computers were automatically blocked. A handfull got through and were deleted manually by either me, Alien or Reinder.
As far as we know, our system has had zero false positives.

We don't like captcha's much, because they make commenting less appealing to casual readers. Instead we'll continue to update our filters and try to remove spam as quickly as possible. As it is, many of the few spams that do make it through were made manually, not by bots, so captchas wouldn't work all that much.

Kaiou says:

I love the foop. I love Feiht in general! I wish pixie logic worked in real life.

bookbook says:


CryptoGirl says:

11 days till what? and who is reindeer?

Lee says:

Lee says:

PS shoulda mentioned... ROCR has some occasional and potentially NSFW nudity (and even more occasional NSFW bloody violence).

Nebra Reppalk says:

I would guess that bookbook is referring to the event known as the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. A.K.A "The beast is finally dead, I pray to my fiendish overlords that Harry dies in this one so that we don't have to worry about sequels."

And to Mith, Alien, Reindeer, and anyone else: Sorry about my ranting. spammers are just a pet peeve of mine. And when I saw one for a porno sight, it just pushed me over the edge.(I know this will surprise you all, but politically I'm conservative, so I stand for a degree of decency in human behavior.)

Kardinaal says:

You'd think most of the bots they use for shoutcast spamming and stuff can't really find the "add comment" stuff. In the worst case, putting it in a pop up (while not so pretty), or it's own page (via an (i)frame) is a reasonably good defence. If they can't find the "add comment" action, they won't be able to spam at all. Compromise with design and stuff, but a fairly effective way of blocking them afaik.

Thanks btw for noting the "foop" thingy, I totally overlooked it ;)

Absconder says:

I LOVE the way "poof" reverses to "foop" on return trip! These comics are great!

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