Not a Picky Vegetarian
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Myhrad once more shows his dedication to the cause.

krazzy says:

dedication? no no alien it's pure devotion!!!

the krud says:

why has Leaf's hair changed again?

ivellios says:

alien hasnt decided how she wants it yet i think also they just ran away from the troll

Swirlingwinds says:

I like how Myhrad looks in the third panel.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I second Swirlingwinds.

Bubbles says:

no third is wot he said live with it

Foxxle says:

Myhrad looks especially awesome in the third panel. I really like the 'fiery' markings you put around his eyes.

Umm... says:

Where's the trolls cloths... GROSS

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