The King of the Seas
Chasing the Sunset
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Mogget\'s Little Sister says:


Mogget's Little Sister says:

Yes, oh yes, first finally!!!!!!!

and could someone fix the slash thing? every time I comment my name is automatically there, but there's slashes in it...

Mogget's Little Sister says:

oooooo and second and third too!!!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

"Hi Big Boy!" !? Only Feith could pull THAT off... :D

Mogget\'s Little Sister says:

well she obviously has a connection with him...

Mogget\\\\\\\'s Little Sister says:

ok first theres one slash and then there's this

Mogget\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\ \\\'s Little Sister says:

then this

Mogget\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ says:

and they keep on multiplying!

Awesome says:

Hahaha he sighs...

Mogget's Little Sister says:

phew i got all the slashes away

Sitara says:

"Hello Feiht". Lol! Well that made my night :D

wolfa says:

does anyone not know Feiht? I pity him, he looks so sad in the last panel...

InBeetwen says:

Even gods fear the awsome terror of that is the pixie

Umma Ned says:

The slashes are because of the apostrophe in your name. They and quote marks are special characters, so to tell the comment software that they should be treated as normal characters, slashes are added just before them.

This is to prevent hackers from sneaking commands in comments, because strings of characters (like this comment) are typically enclosed between strophes or quote marks. If you put a single mark, you can fool the software into thinking the comment is ended and everything that comes next is code to execute!

However, slashes are special characters too, with the mystical power of saying "the next character should be interpreted this way", either to make a normal character into a special one (for example, slash-n means new line) or by turning a special character into a normal one (like your apostrophe). And since they're special characters, an over-eager protection filter will add slashes before slashes, so that they'll be interpreted as normal characters, so a slash becomes a slash-slash; and then it'll add more slashes, and more, and more, doubling everytime.

PF says:

like that his "necklace" hangs in defeat after they learn of feiht. :)

Arya says:

Something tells me, the Ocean lord and Feiht have met before. Let me guess, Fieht was trying to steal his shinys. He doestn't look so happy to see her,
Thanks for the new comic strip, this new guy reminds me of Posideon , the Greek lord of the ocean. I love your design!

Umma Ned says:

I ran into that problem with a wiki software I'm working on. I'm trying to make it accept apostrophes in page titles, and this results in exponential apostrophe doubling. Quite annoying.

Mithandir's test says:

Problem with slashes and apostrophes now fixed

TiSha says:

I love feiht.. she's irritating, at the same time cute XD

Irish Drinker says:

Yes, All fear pixies.. and the great lords of the seas and skys, knowing feint from years long past, can only sigh and hope taht something shiny comes by to distract her, while they take thier goods and run.

Tensk1234 says:

Feiht is the pain of everything in existence, isn't she?

Painted Cello says:

The sea lord has gorgon hair! And is wearing shinies.... Oh dear. But he still has his crown, and he's met Feiht before...

morg-fire says:

lol WEE HE REMEMBERS!!! haha too funy

MadMann135 says:

Feit is as old as the world, what I am surprised is that even the sea god's hair looks defeated as he recognizes Feit, which makes one wonder how powerful, annoying and greedy Feit is

Pulsy says:

I'm especially worried that Feiht remembered something she was expecting a sea king to forget... also i'm wondering how this add comment box got here underneath the comments :P

Mithandir says:

I added it some time ago as a ploy to get more people to comment

hswoolve says:

There's something oddly comforting ... and frightening, that the sea god knows feiht.

Kitten says:

Nice :D

Waterlily says:

I love how his ears (fins?) droop in the last panel! It's cute!

dragonqueencr says:

ex boyfriend?

Ryaka says:

I love the combination: Cower in fear at my might, flee, fools for I,...
Wheee, he remembers...

now if I were on that bridge, I'ld run for my life now...

Faticia says:

I'm with hswoolve and Ryaka on this.:D

Vulpis says:

Awww, poor guy--he was all set to mete out some rightous wrath (probably doesn't have much *else* to so, after all, if he can react that quickly), and gets the starch taken completely out of him by discovering he's got a Feiht fate to deal with. ;-)

Kaiou says:

I love feiht. I do feel sorry for the sea king. He looks so defeated in the last panel.

Skreyola says:

Well, well... so she could have caused some damage, but I'm sure the sea dude won't hold her actions against the bridge people. :)

Onambarwen says:

I think he looks a bit like Leaf. If he posses Leaf too then it'll be just like Wheel of Time. He'll have three girls and a guy stuck in his head with him.

Chariset says:

Feiht: 1
Oceanus: 0

Chariset says:

...his hair is electric eels! Groovy.

Panitek says:

If Leaf could get possessed by Oceanus as well as the Furies, He would really be STEAMED. Hahahahaha

syntax says:

Omg... like... Hello feiht! XD

Black magic girl says:

What is the "Wheel of Time" ? ?:(

Mogget's Little Sister says:

book series

Halfcat says:

He knows who Feiht is. Now that is to funny. Makes you wonder how they know each other.

Also upon reading Mithandir's pricing for i think it was 100 comics about $20+....i was expecting to pay more for that. i would gladly pay that price for it. i would then wait (as best i could) for the next book so i could at it to my collection. here would be an added thought maybe have the books end at the end/start of chapters so the story isnt cut off in the middle.

Silverwolf says:

So, one big honkin' gorgon. Actually he looks more exasparated than afraid. Something like..."well, I could kill this thing, but if I did, the writers will probably fire me. Ah hell, here we go again..."

JuneBug says:

Love it!!!

hailstorm says:

this is gonna be interesting

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