Rather Dull Journey
Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:

they seem more in aw of it then scared... 'aaaaaaw i see...." not as in "aaaaaaww so cute!!!"

King of Shadows says:

First it is spelled awe krazzy and second, Ayne looks like she is having fun in the 4th panel

Finniga fanny says:

she have fun.

Mr.L33T says:

"quiet talk" that cracks me up!!

Icy says:

\"Quiet\"=Ayne pointing sword and having unpleasant visions of Feiht being murdered!

Narissona says:

yeaaaaaah, quiet. Oh yeah, can you drink a water elemantal?

Jennifyr says:

I can't, they give me indigestion.

Bubblegum says:


bookbook says:

Quiet=Ayne having visions of billions of beautiful butterfly collections. Talk=sword and chase.

Rendezvous says:

quit quit quit

Lee says:

"But apart from that (and a fire in my flat) it's been a very nice day."

--Spike Milligan

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

I think they should have shown ayne with a small hammer or a net instead of a sword, it would do better at playing on the earlier threat made by ayne.

hkmaly says:

Except she actually don't HAVE any net or hammer and can't simply conjure it up like Feiht can ...

TheNextTaggerung says:

How do you kill water elementals?
I mean, wouldn't the sword just go right through it?

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