Chasing the Sunset
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Xander0 says:

Beautiful comic. You just keep getting better and better at linework and shading.

That, and creating a pixie calendar seems to be about the best revenge possible....

(first comment?)

X-Kal says:

NOOOO! Feiht (or Sohac) stole the staff?

Odo says:

Another good post. I especially like panel 4. The angle of Ayne's eyes and the mock-innocent expression on Feiht's face are perfect!

Adreanna says:

Ithought I'd mention that panel 4 is really beautiful. I know at least one person has said it before me, but I figureed it's worth saying anyway!
Great work guys, the artwork seems to be improving exponentially.

Pulsy says:

Beside the really good 4th panel (the eyes, the hair, amazing!), it seems Ayne is actually smiling in this comic! She doesn't do that a lot does she now ...Also it seems Sohac has found the shinyness underneath the water balloon! Run away!

Nebra Reppalk says:

You realize, if Feiht steals the mirror more than once a day, every day, and without a predictable pattern, that will be the most unreliable calendar ever.

hswoolve says:

true (stealing the mirror multiple times a day), but she's creating something that someone is keeping track of ... she's co-creating *order*

Black Mantha says:

Very good artwork, yes. Also, when is the last time we saw Ayne smile like that?

MadMann135 says:

The perfect way to stop a pixie from stealing and trickery is to have the stealing and tricky a part of an order system. It may not be 100% accurate but it's good enough.

Dark Dragon says:

birthday calendar? ... Leaf and Ayne look like siblings in the last panel...(Ones that get along I mean!) ^-^

Awesome says:

Aww Ayne and Leaf look so cute in the last panel. Ayne also looks more feminine in the fourth panel. I have a feeling we shall not see the staff again for a while. *impending DOOM!*

Majestyca Flamerider says:

two smiles from Ayne in one comic!! unheard of...

This really is great work. worth waiting for!!

*Skittles* says:

This is great! I love the shading, especially in panel 4.

Poor Feiht.

CryptoGirl says:

i like the last pane. They're ALL in a good mood. and ayne is flirting. this is very entertaining.

Midge says:

The pixie calendar is pure genius.
"Now everytime I pull a prank I'm creating oreder."

Lise says:

I know I'm repeating what 'most everyone else said... but panel 4 really is beautiful! I'm one of those weird people who notice noses on people and pictures before anything else, and Ayne's is really well drawn there... haha, what a weird comment.

lylia123 says:

i like the last panel

Osk says:

thanks for a great update once again

InBeetwen says:

I can't see soac, but the staf lies there. So he can't have stolen it already

InBeetwen says:

Oh, and beautiful artwork

Dark Dragon says:

What is the thing above Myrhad's speech bubble("that must be...")??? Is it Feiht?

Dark Dragon says:

That's in panel 5 btw. Oh, and what is with the back end of a horse in panel 2?

Kaiou says:

Are you sure it is Sohac stealing the staff? It looks more like Feiht.

lylia123 says:

no, Feiht is hanging out next to Ayne's ear.

kouishii says:

i love feight just because of the craziness and the order that comes with it.

Adi Sagestar says:

Hate to repeat what other people are saying, but the shading is really quite awesome. And Ayne is actually being cheerful! Two smiles in a row! And she's /not/ smiling because she's killing things! One for the record books, folks.

- Adi

MoonMinx says:

i really like Ayne in panel 4. i pay more attention to her amazon lines more now for some reason.

Black magic girl says:


Silverwolf says:

Yep, that'll happen. Create enough chaos, it follows attractors, and attractors bring an order to chaos.

Wawuty Gibit says:

whatsitsface the dragon is saying Did you just invent a pixie calendar

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Kwee! Beautiful art!

Fionn says:

Zen order. That's one way to thwart pixies. Frustrate their attempts to create chaos by finding order.

hailstorm says:


i got this from albert temple he has a webcomic also called gene catlow

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