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Chasing the Sunset
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Arrin says:

The opening lines amuse me muchly. With that said, I think it's very sweet that Leaf was willing to drop his search right then for Myhrad.

Mur says:

I hope that both of them find their fathers soon. "Sniff".

Odo says:

A wonderful strip. Wisdom from Myrhad, and acceptance from Leaf. The two, together, are far more than the sum of their parts

Coyote says:


Nightfeather says:

Leaf is so nice, so is myrahd, they both deserve to find their fathers

Nebra Reppalk says:

Is it just me, or did Leaf's hair get really long?

Pulsy says:

Hmmm i can't find any Feiht jokes in the background... is that her doing something with the tree in the last panel? Ahhh... Mith! I need a javascript/ajax magnifying glass :P

White Knight says:

Probably switching the two signs, na?

Lise says:

Well, she's doing something behind that tree and it can't be good...

Silverwolf says:

And thus were the riders formed...

The Last Melon says:

I'm just wondering - did you take your ideas for the first line from the comments on the last strip? If so, do you do that often?

bookbook says:

maybe this isn't a "jokes, ayne angry, feiht and sohac pixies" strip. maybe this is a "hallmark moment, leaf and myrhad bonding moment" strip.

Irish Drinker says:

As always touching strip with alittle humor for good fun. However, alot of the other posts were not about the humor as much as about the story. While there was alaways humerious moments, this is a ratehr sad story about a kid and dragon that lost their parents.. because lets remeber, Leaf lost his mother shorttly after his father washed away... and Myrid didget kidnapped as an IOU from the villagers.

Osk says:

very nice once again

Wawuty Gibit says:

OO! Yummy elves!

Wawuty Gibit says:

That was 15th commmmmmmmmmmmmeeeennnnnnnnnnt

rrrrrrarfff says:


Aebliss says:

Aww. That's so nice. ^^

Dark Dragon says:

This makes me feel all fuzzy inside...good thing I have ninja practice tonight, or that might be a problem...Dark Dragon does not like feeling fuzzy.

*Skittles* says:

I love it when people are blunt.

Love the hair, but I refuse to make 'Leaf looks girly' comments of any sort.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hey! I'm just saying I thought it looked like there was more than I remember.

It's all blonde and poofy....

Lee says:

In Britain "poofy" has another meaning... unless that's what you did mean...!!!

Anyway, I like the shot of Myhrad running in panel 5. I don't recall ever seeing him in mid-run before. It's a shot that Eadweard Muybridge would have been proud of.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I meant poofy as in...big, lots of...poof...not the British meaning

Dark Dragon says:

Yay! Britan!!! (Britan is way cooler than the U.S.A. (Tower of London vs. Amish Hunting))
I'm not sure what "poofy" means in Britan, but I doubt you can really use it when talking about hair.

Dark Dragon says:

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!(or #4ppj
#4110\/\/33|\| if you only speak 1337

Lee says:

In Britain "poofy" would mean gay or camp in a derogatory sense. Not that I think there's anything wrong with it.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Okay, over here in the colonies (N. America) 'poofy' is...hard to describe....usually something that looks big but has a lot of air in it. Like a dinner roll with a lot of air and very little bread, I would call that roll 'poofy'. Now, I'm just saying that Leaf's hair looks bigger than I remember it.

The only explanation I can come up with ins Leaf's invisible hair salon has come along and added 'poof' to it, with a powerful combination of equipment....I don't know what they actually use in salons...Anyway, It's....poofy....

Oh, sorry to keep talking....but usually poofy things are soft too. Jigglypuff=poofy. Empty safe=not poofy.

Dark Dragon says:

Like marshmallows.
Or Kirby...
WHEE! Pokemon!

Painted Cello says:

*Runs away from the pokemon* I don't mind feeling warm and fuzzy, but the cuteness levels in Pokemon make me want to wretch. It's not quite as bad as some things...

Katkinkate says:

So, what's the holdup? Still having computer problems? Seems more and more of my favourite webcomics and blogs are having computer problems lately.

Timothy says:

It's an epidemic!

bookbook says:

waitaminute inspiration for a story... must write!!!!

Jynx says:

Out of curiosity, how many people count the others who regularly (or not so regularly, like me) post here as friends, even though they've never even IM'd each other?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Quite frankly, no one here can contact me, and I like keeping it that way....I tend to shroud myself in mystery.

*Skittles* says:

I like the way Myhrad runs in panel 5.

JuneBug says:

"So are you going to eat me now?"
lol XP

hailstorm says:


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