United We Shall Stand Fleeced
Chasing the Sunset
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Magister Magus says:

First you catch the elf, then you begin to marinate...

Irish Drinker says:

Wwooooo.. New COmic!!! Thanks guys :) As always very good. 2 post!!

Odo says:

I love the fall foliage, all on the ground.

Lee says:

Leaf meets his namesakes...

Autoquick says:

Is Ayne getting darker? Or grayer..

Nightfeather says:

ooh, sohac with scisors what mischif will he get up to now. realy good job on the leaves in the first panel

Pulsy says:

Whahaha that smile on Myhrad's face at the end is priceless :D And Leaf is holding Feiht like she's a bug he picked from his jacket XD

Oh yea, cetero censeo we need a magnifying glass :P

rickr says:

buckbay bayou bu.... err, elf ala Antoine

Chariset says:

I have a feeling one of these days Ayne and company will wind up in a situation where Leaf's way really is the best way out.

The good part is that Leaf is probably too good-hearted to brag afterward.

Faticia says:

I love Myhrad's expression int he last panel! LOL!
Is Feiht trying to steal Leaf's brooch in the second panel?

Draiglwyd says:

What ever happened to Leaf's staff?

Osk says:

nice how leaf absent mindedly plucks feith off of him

Dark Dragon says:

what's "entrecote"?
3 ant hills,1 snake, 10 mushrooms, (plus the assorted climbing fungi in pannel 3),1 bird(I think), and 6 leafs. ;)

and no, Nebra Reppalk, I do not know Painted Cello outside of the comment board....I don't think...

InBeetwen says:

Do you have any tip concerning what seasoning i should use, Magister magius?


Autoquick: blue-er, I guess

Zela says:

When I saw this, I thought everything was on fire! ^_^7

Nebra Reppalk says:

I prefer a nice stew.....mmmmmm beef stew ^_^

X-Kal says:

Draiglwyd, Sohac appears to steal the staff in Comic #443

I've gotta admit, I don't think I've ever really noticed the season changes as much as I have in this strip - I love it! It makes me feel alot more immersed into the CtS world! :)

X-Kal says:

Okay... I can't remember how you do it, where you make the "Comic #443" part link to the comic... I'm gonna test.

Comic 443
Comic #443
comic 443
comic #443

If it doesn't work... oh well.

Dark Dragon says:

I dunno...beef stew is good, but Hungarian Goulash is reeeaaaalllly tasty too...:)
where is sohac in panel 4? he's playing with Rhyme's hair in 5, but not in 4...

Magister Magus says:

Oh a herbed butter sauce, of coarse with a simple salad of lettuce topped with walnuts and a mustard vinaigrette... Mmm.


Socah is in 4, you just have to look for her, she is half out of the picture.

Mogget's Little Sister says:

sohac is a boy

bookbook says:

nice leaves! almost exactly the colors of rhyme's hair! they look like fire! yay autumn!

JuneBug says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

last panel.....oh dear

hailstorm says:

dragon: mmmmmmm yum *cuts elf with knife*
elf: aaaaaaah why whould you do such a thing a have a wife and children
children: daddy
elf: the pain its unbearable *walks off cliff*
dragon/children: NOOOOOOOOO
elf: *splat*

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