Gnomish Brew
Chasing the Sunset
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King of Shadows says:

Gnomish brew sounds good don't it?

the krud says:

hahaahhahahahahaahahaha!!!! the elf said "was a party" instead of "what a party"! i continue to find faults in the comic!
(Nothing personal, by the way)

ivellios says:

its the style of speach and hes not complementing the party hes stating there was one

Mr.L33T says:

what do you think the gnome's spiked it with??

OneTimer says:

Pixie Dust.

OneTimer says:

Or rather, Dust he recieved from a pixie who informed him it was an excellent sweetener.

Jennifyr says:

Eeep! *hides shiny gold ring behind her pet hobbit*

The eeeeye...

Bubblegum says:

How do u pronounce Anye's last name? Sure got me confused...

Lone Star says:

u pronounce it TER-an-il

Statri says:

You'd think they would've wondered about Myhrad, walking up to the gate with two elves.

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