Daylight Savings
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

For those who wonder, in the past few strips Ayne was carrying the Magister's staff on her back.

hkmaly says:

"Didn't have to turn to stone" don't mean they didn't have to stay beeing a stone after they turn into it. On the other hand, it's still safer to not talk about it.

InBeetwen says:

i think i would react like leaf if i was in that hopefully turning to stone makes your hearing a a little bit impaired...

Tensk1234 says:

I don't know Leaf, it would be fun to make them all awake, maybe get the town some guards.

Nebra Reppalk says:

At last, the dwarven lands! Greetings my brothers, we have traveled far!

Also, I like the strategy in defeating the trolls. Of course, I didn't think we'd have a clock outside...but still...good strategy

white fox says:

It would be funy if they all came back and joind the guard

Osk says:

anye is defnatly getting a bit pale, but at least leaf still has the survival instincts of a soap duck

Jynx says:

Nebra: Ah, I don't know about not having a clock tower. To be cool in the mind of other cities, you seem to need a clock tower. Look at Big Ben; I have been there, and it is *cool*.
Unless you have something against clock towers, that is okay too ^_^

lylia123 says:

if they turned to stone, are they still alive?

Faticia says:

The Battle of Daylight Savings- Lol!

Chariset says:

Oh, I see it now! Ayne is turning blue, like the Amazons!

Pulsy says:

i sure hope noone wakes them up...although it would be some nice chaos if they did :D

hkmaly says:

Pulsy: Speaking of chaos, pixies are still around, aren't they ?

Jewelcast says:

That's when you change the clocks one hour to confuse people... LOL

bookbook says:

it's VERY confusing! the sun rises at 6: 30! and it sets at, like, 4:00 PM! it makes NOOOOO SENSSSSSSE!!!! INSANITYYYYY!!! *runs around screaming for a while*
*comes back*
anyhoo, nice story about the trolls!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Jynx: I don't know...clock towers always seemed pretentious to me. I'm more impressed by Brandenburg Gate. I'm more of a pocket watch man anyway...

Plus, there's a clock tower here at my college campus, and the three faces never seem to have the same time. It seems to be more effort to calibrate.

Also, not dissing the trolls in CTS, but a lot of the trolls I've run into aren't smart enough to read a clock, much less coordinate a strike before dawn. But I guess in CTS things are different...

bookbook says:

nebra: note what rhyme says in panel 5, fifth+sixth lines of her verse.

Timothy says:

They still wern't bright enough to not turn into stone.

Aebliss says:

Nice strip. Ayne's looking mighty unhealthy right now and I am reminded of the king's warning that the fey who made the Amazons what they are might not be as benevolent as he seemed ... In fact I'm curious whether Ayne will have to reproduce through egg-laying now, like her sister Amazons.
One more question: can anyone read what's been carved into the troll's flank?

Dark Dragon says:

Abadon all hope ye who enter here, for here beeth the trolls that fell in the great battle of Daylight-Savings...They're not dead yet, in fact, they're feeling much better.

Okay, so I took a *few* creative liberties there...sorry.... so how much were my bird-anthill-leaf-snake-mushroom count?

Quats says:

Ancient scrolls about 10,000 days ago? Earth days would put that at 27 years. Bardic exaggeration, or are there many fewer days in a year in this world?

Quats says:

Oho, ten SCORE. That's a bit longer. I should read more carefully before I've had my caffeine!

Timothy says:

How big is ten score?

Chariset says:

200 years

Chariset says:

actually, Rhyme said 200,000 days, or over 500 years

InBeetwen says:

I would agree that those scrolls would be ancient by human standards, but with elven?

Dark Dragon says:

In elven,dragon,probably dwarven, and in geological time, just a blip....Leaf has a really cool whatchamacallit holding his cloak up in pannel 4 looks awesome! ^_-

Silverwolf says:

Leaf: "...but if we make the trip more dangerous, we can advance the plot!"

Ayne: "I'm turning Amazon, I think I'm turning Amazon, I really think so..."

Chariset says:

It's really going to surprise the elven village when Ayne returns and she's Smurfed out.

bookbook says:

waitaminute. if amazons don't have contact with men, how do they end up laying the eggs?

bookbook says:

on second thought... do i want to know?

Nebra Reppalk says:

bookbook, it's like watching anime. You can ask weird questions, but you'll only get equally weird answers. Sometimes it's better to just not ask

Pulsy says:

Funny how the dwarves cut out a text that even an elf can't reach, and in a font you have to be very close to to be able to read it... Maybe they don't want people to see?

InBeetwen says:

Well, I think it is slightly more than a mere blip, considering that leaf is under two hundred (if i remember correctly,I'm to lazy to go back and check) but they would still merely be old.

InBeetwen says:

Ok, I will rhyme some slack for poetic purposes.

diipadaapa says:

Has Ayne always been grey skinned?

lylia123 says:

Ayne IS turning into an amazon!

... says:

At last, the truth about Daylight Savngs revealed!

So in a manner of speaking the dwarves were *saved by the daylight*!

Anonymous says:

Score= 20
Ten Score= 200
Ten Score Thousand= 200,000
Assuming that their year is the same length as ours, 200,000 days is just shy of 548 years.

I think it's a bit odd for an Elf to call something ancient when it probably happened in her lifetime, especially when you consider that *we* don't consider things like statues *ancient* if they're only 600 years old.

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