Check Your Evil Magic at the Gates
Chasing the Sunset
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Kae says:

I hate it when I forget to take the loose evil magic out of my pockets



Odo says:

Interesting that Feiht got worried but Sohac didn't. Perhaps he didn't hear anything.

Actually, I guess pixies aren't really evil, just chaotic. The Furies, on the other hand... well...

Good posting, as usual.

InBeetwen says:

Are the gate reacting to the staff or the furies i wounder...

Pulsy says:

I was thinking the same thing... might just be the staff that has evil magic in them. I'm not sure the Furies are inherently evil, just ... furious? :P

Painted Cello says:

Oh dear...

BurnedMuffins says:

I guess that's what the cover image for the chapter meant - Leaf gets put in jail for the evil magic thing

Silverwolf says:

Nah, it's just the nail clippers.

X-Kal says:

Woohoo! Leaf has his staff back!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Silly elves, it's always a time of war for dwarves. The enemies of the clans never rest, unfortunatley.

lylia123 says:

Wouldn't it be rather difficult to wield a weapon that was taller than you?

*Skittles* says:

Uh-oh. This should be interesting. I wonder if this is where they imprison Leaf...

Lise says:

Now, that IS a question. Staff, furies, pixies, or lotion bottle? You never know, with security these days...

Faticia says:

Don't you just love security check points? :)
I know someone who got a really fake plastic sword taken from him at one in DC.

Skreyola says:

Wow. That stinks. It's like the metal detectors that pick up your loose change or your belt buckle... though I have to admit furies are a bit more dangerous than stray metal. hehe

Tensko says:

Can't wait to here Leafs explanation for this one...

X-Kal says:

I betcha that 'xanga' post is a spambotter. Hey mith, do you read through the old comic threads to make sure they're not spamming it up there, too?

X-Kal says:

Oh hey... it's not xanga... I'm totally dyslexic! o_O

Mithandir says:

X-Cal: I don't need to. I get a list of all new comments no matter where they were made. It'd be impossible to keep track otherwise, there's nearly two thousand places you can comment on this site :)

bookbook says:

does anyone know what the runes say in the last panel? i'm guessing its a version of "beep beep beep", but judging from the double letters at the end its something more like "rdigg"?????? ok, so i suck at translating runes. help please?

kickme says:

They look like Tolken's dwarfish runes, which translates to:

w h ? a/ae a/ae

The middle character looks similar to the one for n.

Doesn't look like it makes an english word as far as I can tell.

BurnedMuffins says:

Maybe-just maybe-they made up their OWN RUNES?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Lylia123: Actually, wielding a weapon larger than yourself isn't difficult if it doesn't weigh too much. In fact, before gunpowder was well refined, European armies used pikes that were up to twenty feet long. Good for stopping cavalry...and giving away your position

hkmaly says:

BurnedMuffins: OWN ? Earth history have enough north-europa runes for several fantasy ... and I think Mithrandir already said which he is using. Of course I don't remember where ...

lylia123 says:

Nebra Reppalk: Thanks bunches! I don't know much about weapons, except maybe sword types.

Nebra Reppalk says:

No problem. I mean, I'm not an expert or anything, but I know a few things about the armory. Glad to share what I know.

Khyrhon says:

Well, if the runes are the same as they were on the signposts before, then they are most likely Older Futhark, as Thulinn said in the comments for that strip.

EveryZig says:

Polearms (spears and such) are the one group of weapons that are SUPPOSED to be larger than you are... they are great for keeping enemies at a distance, thus good for guards.

InBeetwen says:

and, naturally, dwarves likes to have weapons thats bigger than them. I joust looks so pathetic when you charge in with a full plate armor, welding a 3 inch blade...

Thulinn says:

Khyrhon: Nope, these runes don't seem to be Older Futhark runes to me, because some of the characters don't exist in the Older Futhark. It could be slightly modified Anglo-Saxon runes (some details are different, but mostly they're the same). If that's the case they would say "whyaa", "whyoo", "whiaoo" or something similar. That sounds like an alarm sound to me.

It might also be cirth - Tolkien's runes - but then they would read something like "peenddd", and that's just odd. It could be an original creation for the comic as well, of course.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, look at the typical weapons of the landsknechts. A pike or halberd typically six to eight feet long, a zweihander in the early years, usually six feet long. A lot of large weapons.

(Sorry, I'm about Five feet, five inches, so I'm shorter than a zweihander.)

watermelons says:

Long time no see, everyone.

watermelons says:

i luv webcomics.

Jeremiah says:

I really find strange that Feiht reacts to the news that Rhyme brings. She likes chaos so getting Leaf on a jail would be a good idea..... Could it be that Feiht is the one that has activated the alarm, but on purpose?

Dark Dragon says:

Don't feel bad Nebra Reppalk, you're an inch taller than I am, lol...the interesting thing with large weapons is that although you can keep enemies farther away, it's harder to defend yourself at close range(e.g. pike or a chicken stick ^_-)..on the flip side you don't want to carry only short range weapons either(e.g. nunchaku, dagger/knife, or even a sword)...projectile weapons only are useful if you have enough ammo(you can't pistol-whip at long you kinda gotta have a mix(e.g. bo staff, dirk, and a sling)...magic helps a lot! ^-^

Also, given the fact that all of Leaf is outlined by the shineful whatever it is, as opposed to the staff only, it's probly the furies that set off the alarm.

Chariset says:

Is that a Rhyme/Leaf limerick? His line rhymes with her first two

Fiore says:

Dark Dragon, actually that's a common misconception that only would apply to a unskilled wielder. Several masters in their fechtbuch (their collections of teachings they wrote down, usually for future generations or on behalf of a lord, Ex: Fiore de Liberi ;p) specified a few moves, attacks, and stances for extreme close range with polearms. Usually it ends up coming down to maneuvering for room or an angle and hitting with the butt- "Mordschlag" in the German tradition. George Silver in his work "Paradoxes of Defense" rated the "English black bill" -a polearm he did not describe nor depict, darn it- as the king of weapons, ranked above all others without true peer "if two masters equal fight" IE if two with equal skill fight...

Fascinating topic to research. Their reasoning is of course never explained though.... *sigh* Love the "Weeioo! WEEIOO!" from the alarms... Uh oh! forgot the change in your back pocket did you? Oh and fyi, metal detectors only detect metal that is conductive... I've a non-conductive watch, and I just walked through last week, after a guard tried to insist that it would...*loves being a Metallurgy major*...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Fiore: You're a metallurgist? That is incredibly awesome! Unfortunately I'm a history major, so I'm not particularly useful.

... says:

Roaring in runes? Those things are OLD!

runicreader says:

the runic at the last part is WHNAA using the saxon futhark hagalaz and the fancy version of the elder futhark N i think

lawoma says:

By my dragon runes its whj'ae''ae'

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