Chasing the Sunset
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Ivellios says:

hmm I probably would have had the same response let my friend go or else

stormkite says:

Fundamental mistake, Aine... step one when it hits the fan: Get your back to a wall.

InBeetwen says:

You and what army...o, right, that army...

Pulsy says:

LOL look at Myhrad in the first panel :DThe cage in the last pamel looks kinda easy to break out though... also there doesn't seem to be a roof, and elves are good at climbing if i remember right.

BurnedMuffins says:

yah, I bet Leaf's regretting packing those toenail clippers

Sabreur says:

Is it just me, or do the pixies have the same 'warning' glow to them? I'm almost terrified to think what they could do to intricate dwarf machinery.

Nightfeather says:

Oh pixies count as evil!

nonesuch says:

that is one strong elf there...
that is a fairly solid dwarf, with who knows how many kilos of metal strapped to him...

straight armed
one... straight arm

Firestar says:

Is she turning blue? Her non-striped skin seems different...

Dark Dragon says:

Huh...looks like the pixies set the alarm off too....

fiore: Let me rephrase what I said about long-distance weapons...I can't use them at close range w/out hurting myself in the process *rubs shins*...I stand corrected though.

Grr to all of you who actually have a major. I hate being stuck in high school.

wierdo says:

good point, Firestar, she does look bluish.
deadly amazon powers or something wierd like that?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Remember: The most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her children.

Not saying Ayne is....well, you get my point.

Oh, and a bit of advice to everyone still in high school: DO NOT MAKE HISTORY YOUR MAJOR. I made that mistake, i expect to be a hobo in four years...

*Skittles* says:

Of course. Poor Leaf, just standing there innocently while Ayne gets mad and is cornered. Even though he is is a cage.

*Skittles* says:


Timothy says:

From the way they are glowing I suspect that the alarm alerted on both pixies, the furies, little dragony, and the stave leaf is carrying.

look wat i noticed says:

if u look close at panel 1 mydrad is glowing to... meaning that he also signaled the alarm!

Steve says:

Hey, torching the countryside's not a benign act, you know...

I just love the way the pixies react!

Faticia says:

Wow, all of them save Ayne and Rhyme set it off!

naisioxerloro says:

Good design, who make it?

Fiore says:

Eh Dark, I thought the same way until I went and read some source material. Now I don't know HOW to fight close up with a polearm, but the old masters claimed it was deadly... to the other guy.

College... Has it's ups and downs. Metallurgy is a rare enough major these days I can only take it for my undergrad, going to have to pick something slightly different for my post-grad if I want to get a decent job. *Wonders what's so special about the metal used in the cage*

Now is it just me, or are there two crossbows pointed at Ayne? One's pretty obvious, but is that another between the two halberd-ish polearms (my memory is saying they look like some Swedish/Italian 16th cent. or so styles, wouldn't swear to that though)on the right? Just at the end of the frame?

Blue River says:

Yeah, I've had days like that. Ambushed by an army of dwarfs and all.
Excellent comic! My favorite's frame three! :)

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Dude... Dwarven army or not=- you just made a big mistake... you P*ssed off the Amazon Elf who protects Leaf like her own flesh and blood... I foresee seriously hurting Dwarves...

Irish Drinker says:

Well, I must say, I like the look of the dwarf in panal 5. A elf women able to lift him clear off the ground, wearing what he is, with one hand, and staring him dead in the eyes, even WITH an army nearby.

watermelons says:

Why is Aynes skin changing colors now?

rjaa says:

Spent a few days going through your entire archive...really great work! *adds to bookmarks* ...quick question. Why Mithandir, as opposed to Mithrandir?

InBeetwen says:

Hey, at least shes not locking down on him. got to be an unusual (and very frightening) experiences for a dwarf

Mithandir says:

rjaa: This nickname was first used on IRC. At that time the Efnet servers limited nicknames to nine characters, so I had to drop one. I've been using this ever since.

Tensk1234 says:

Is it just me or is Ayne skin becoming a darker shade?

rjaa says:

Gotcha, thanks! I will definitely keep reading, though I probably won't be commenting much...

EveryZig says:

Perhaps it's turning green... Aine smash!

On polearms, they are not very effective if your enemy gets inside your reach. That is why you carry a short sword or dagger as well as a spear and shield.

lylia123 says:

Weapons are starting to make much more sense now. I think that Ayne isn't only starting to turn blue now; it's a gradual effect.

Chariset says:

Sohac nearly became a pixie-kebab. I guess pixies can get skewered if they believe that they can..
Can the dwarves see the pixies? I know humans can't but elves can.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think I can see the second crossbow mentioned.

I would call them halberds, they look close enough. There were too many variations of polearms anyway....

TheNextTaggerung says:

wow...feiht just did something GOOD:
rescuing Sohac from being skewered...

hailstorm says:

shes turning grey

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