Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Ah. Rhyme and reason.

hkmaly says:

It seems that Feith really ended inside the cage ... how long it will entertain her ? I know, the cages are magic, but I still don't believe it can hold her ..

InBeetwen says:

There be no cage that can hold the avatar of chaos

Eraikei W. O. says:

"Don't worry, I'm not easily offended." Someone should tell Ayne that she shouldn't fib like that. =P Great comeback, though. And I love Fieht's arms sticking out from under the cage. Though I'm wondering why Sohac wasn't caught? I'm assuming it's because she shoved him/her out of the way? Awww... Fieht sacrificed herself for a friend. =P

Tensk1234 says:

They even got the pixes! poor Anye...

Pulsy says:

omg the dwarves look SO good! And so does leaf in the second panel... like he's really worried about Ayne. Oh and i love the little hands sticking out of the pixie cage :P

Faticia says:

You know, convincing the dwarves to let Leaf go might not be that hard, but telling them to let two pixies go AND a dragon! I hope that Rhyme has the gift of Blarney!

Sabreur says:

"Their heads are at kicking height" is the best line ever.

X-Kal says:

Erakei, I'm *sure* that was a selfless act. Now if only Sohac will let her out... and split the loot from whatever she finds on the dwarves :)

Dark Dragon says:

...yeah....aren't most heads at kicking height...?
Methinks Anye will have a chance to leave Feiht behind, but save her anyway.
Are the cages sinking into the ground?
poor leaf looks like such a little kid in panel 2 (younger than me I mean...>_

Dark Dragon says:

Crap....I forgot that you can't use the arrowy thingies on the keyboard in your comments...

Windseeker says:

Instead of just picking him up she should indulge in the sport of dwarf tossing! It would make her feel better.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hey, nobody tosses a dwarf!

Come on people, dwarves are a lawful-good race. We do what we think is right and act on the behalf of order. Chaos just drives us crazy.

Remember, people are different and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

lylia123 says:

I feel sorry for the dwarves. Ayne's right. Their heads *are* at kicking height.

Ebeth says:

haha, leaf IS as innocent as it gets. ♥ leaf.
wow, i haven't commented in a while have i? just like the good ol' days...'cept not really...
but really, i've loved the last five bajillion strips, i just haven't said so. XD it's been fantastic though, keep it up!

Skreyola says:

Love the kicking-height line. Also the Better let me talk one. And... I love how Sohac is trying to pry off one of those shiny things.

Tensk1234 says:

Anyone catch Sohac in panel 5, trying to steal the gold plate?
Feiht pushed Sohac out of the sweet!

Chariset says:

I guess dwarves can see pixies, judging by the way the one dwarf is shaking his fist at Sohac.

Normally I'd be with you here, Ayne, but you're just a teensy bit outnumbered.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Never underestimate the power of superior numbers.

CryptoGirl says:

is it just me or is Ayne's skin gray? did i miss something?

Lee says:

People talking in restaurants, people smoking in bed, people voting Republican - [I'm talkin' to you, Ralph Hayes Jr!] - Give 'em a boot to the head!

Aerinelf says:

Awww...look at Leaf's face. *wants to huggle him*

Nebra Reppalk says:

HEY! I'm Republican!

watermelons says:


Mithandir says:

Let's leave the political bickering for elsewhere, shall we?

Mithandir says:

I'm sorry, Nebra, I accidentally deleted your latest comment here by misclicking in the backend.

I think it was something like:

Nebra Repalk says
Considering I'm probably going to be torn through mercilessly, I agree with Mith.

JuneBug says:

Leaf looks so cute in panel two!

-Norbert- says:

I like how the dwarf Ayne picked up is crying and being comforted by the other dwarf in panel 5 :)

Leelit says:

Is it just me, or is Ayne becoming tanner/bluer? Is she finally getting her Amazon colour?

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