Foreign Indigniaries
Chasing the Sunset
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Osk says:

first? oh well, protocol as understood by every guard is being observed. great :)

thank you once again

Skreyola says:

That's awesome. :)

kickme says:

Great protocol (:

Irish Drinker says:

I must say, she sure is using the whole I am an Amazon thing to her advantage. Thats smart thinking really.

Odo says:

The only problem is that she is not an ambassador *to* the Amazons of No Mans Land, but *of*, or perhaps *from*. On the other hand it is clear that dwarfs are not much for the finer points of protocol, and are satisfied by broad strokes.

Ayne is great, as always, and so is Alien.

Katkinkate says:

I can't figure out if Rhyme is worried or trying not to laugh.

Pulsy says:

Wait - did Ayne manage to keep a shiny blue thing away from the pixies for weeks? ... now that's just not realistic :P I love the dwarfs helmet by the way :D And his breaded beard is just awesome :D

Remmon says:

She didn't manage to keep it away from the pixies for weeks, that'd be absurd. She just threatened the pixies with violence every time they came close to the shiny and it seems to have worked.

InBeetwen says:

or, she performed the ritual Firing of the arrow...

Dark Dragon says:

What is the shiny blue thing...? O_o
and isn't the phrase "take me to your leader" SOP in all circumstances which involve multiple parties from different areas of residence?

bookbook says:

yay, my internet connection finally got fixed!
doesn't the pearl turn blue when the eggs are about to hatch?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Remember, half of bureaucracy exists to keep people from meddling with government. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work.

Icy says:

This. Is. So. Fun. Ny.

Pav Lucistnik says:

Okay my theory about the blue shiny object - it's amazonian magic, conjured by Ayne, and it got pushed into the poor dwarf's eye, making him obedient to Ayne's wishes.


taht certainly is an interesting theory :-D

X-Kal says:

I'm still wondering if it was a good idea to leave Ayne as the ambassador. I mean, if they want to shake their war-like reputation, shouldn't they have selected someone else? :P

Lone Star says:

Take me to ur leeter or ill atomize ur FACE!!

Vulpis says:

I love how she continues to be a smart-a** here...

'The king only speaks to a selected few people.'
'That's all right, I just need him to listen.'

Fiore says:

Heh. It'll be interesting to see the kings' face when Ayne barges in... Hmm where is Sohac? I don't see him....*squints*

*Skittles* says:

Nice. I guess the Amazons count.

I wonder what Ayne knows already?

*Skittles* says:

Oh. Protocol. Duh.

*smacks head on keyboard*

Chariset says:

Rhyme: Oh, curse my habit of only speaking in verse. I need to say something here and only a twelve-verse sonnet will do!

eekee says:

Yay, last panel made me giggle. Also, kool helmet.

Dark Dragon says:

Chariset...that wasn't in verse ^_- know, a nice roundhouse kick to the heads of a couple dwarves might clear this up nicely... 3 cheers for shortcuts!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Except, there are A LOT of dwarves. Like, large numbers of them.

Never, never underestimate superior numbers.

InBetween says:

I'm going to wote for Ayne for next precedent. She has only been into politics for like two minutes, and she is already one of the best in the field ...

thisisacat says:

it says that i've missed 453 strips?

Faticia says:

I think that Rhyme is laughing.

Dark Dragon says:

Nebra: never underestimate superior height...or superior vertical deficiny...did I spell that right...?

InBetween says:

while superior hight is inferior to superior numbers, superior mass triumphs over both

bookbook says:

In sympathy for
The bard Rhymes' foul curse,
From now on I'll only
Speak in rhyming verse.

bookbook says:

In sympathy for
The bard Rhymes' foul curse,
From now on I'll only
Speak in rhyming verse.

bookbook says:

oops! didn't mean to comment twice! (bad computer link sorry)

bookbook says:

also last night was the first night of Ch/Han/nnuk/kka/h!

bryte says:

Hmm I tink feiht will have a part in geting to the king she has a habbit of being involved in stuff like that

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, but dwarves have more mass than elves. Go ahead, check the Player's Handbook for Dungeons & Dragons, it says it right there.

Mogget's Little Sister says:

I'm a little late, but to answer questions, the pixies are both in a cage as well. The pearl is from the amazons, if you don't remember.

Reiver says:

Quite right. Of course, what makes it really interesting is that I seem to recall it glowing blue when the eggs were hatching...

Reiver says:

...Actually, thought #2 - is Ayne turning blue via green? I never noticed until this strip, and am curious whether it's a quirk of the colouring in the cave light, or a subtle change over time we're seeing here. It's pretty either way, of course. :)

Chariset says:

I think Ayne really is turning blue. She's been getting slowly greyer over the course of the last five or ten strips

Painted Cello says:

*Checks skin colour* Does me turning grey mean I'm turning into an amazon, or just that I need to see some daylight??

Uzu says:

Check 235- Homelink for ansver to the pearl question and there it says it turns blue when the egg hatches

Dark Dragon says:

fine...but superior tactics will trump superior numbers...
Cello:I'd go outside for 8ish hours...if your skin turns red, you're sunburned, if you turn to dust you're a vampire, and if you turn any other colors I'd go see a doctor

bookbook says:

yes, the pearl DOES turn blue when the eggs are hatching!
See Comic #235 !

lylia123 says:

Hooray! The eggs are hatching! But doesn't that mean they have to go back to the amazons?

Aerinelf says:

*grins* I love Ayne.

Roy says:

Checked #235... that's the color the homelink pearl was when Ayne received it. I suspect that it'll turn deep blue when the eggs are going to hatch, instead of the cyan that it currently is.

(wheee, one-day archive blitz!)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Dark Dragon: Yeah, but Zerg rushing does OCCASIONALLY trump Protoss. Besides, we dwarves are a warrior people. You have to remember that...

*Skittles* says:

See? It's still that light-bluish color.

*Skittles* says:

Whoops. Somebody already said that. Sorry.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Eeek! -runs from bookbook-
That aside, nice strip. I think if I were a dwarf, I might let her in as well... o_o

JuneBug says:

"Take. Me. To. Your. Leader."
lol XP

w00dy says:

some said early on that it should be ambassador FROM or OF no-mans land. to be counter-picky, im fairly sure thats wrong, ie i think the comic is right in say abassador TO amazons blahblah...

i could be wrong tho.

best. protocol. ever.

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Now this is good protocol

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