Hail the King!
Chasing the Sunset
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X-Kal says:

I'm not sure if I want to see their dwarven calendar, given their naming conventions!

Jaris says:

Hehe, those dwarves, they really are something. I love the last panel, Leaf look different, like grown-up.

Einar says:

Needs more dwarves with fewer clothes. >=P

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hmmm, that name seems familiar somehow, but I can't quite place it.

(Thanks Mith & Alien ^__^)

Blue River says:

Nebra's famous! Loving the storyline. It's also good to see Leaf again!


lol poor Leaf!

wow, never had a comment so early in the comment box!!!

Dark Dragon says:

wow....how much did you bribe the author Nebra? (or were you playing w/ the cloning machine O_o)
Belated Happy Holidays everybody!
..when did leaf say he wan't to see dwarven architecture?

ooooo! there's a mouse in the next jail cell over!!! ^_^ COOOOOOL!

Mithandir says:

Oh I'm sure we could be persuaded to put in some dark dragons as well ...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, considering one of the main characters IS a dragon, the probability of the main characters encountering dragons again is quite high. Especially if they decide to look for Myhrad's parents, raising the probability to about 100%.

The weather forecast for tomorrow will be partly cloudy with a chance of death.

Sitara says:

So what did they call the battle of daylight savings? A truce?

Pulsy says:

omg the king got named after Nebra here? :D LOL that's funny XD

bookbook says:

wow... i wish i could change my name...
waitaminute. if nebra the third was named after you, nebra reppalk, but he was also named after the king who defeated the trolls and brought peace to the kingdom...
wow! all hail nebra peace-bringer!

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

...*hopeful smile*...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Um, I was just noting the king has the same name as me. I never claimed he was named after me. Although it's still pretty sweet.

hkmaly says:

Sitara: I suppose Nebra the tenth will defeat the trolls totally. There are still some live trolls after the dailight saving battle ...

Fiorre says:

Been a while..
Vury pretty comic.
Lol, love the king's name.

Alex says:

You know, it occurs to me... Leaf could probly slip through those bars sideways....

I mean, then he'd have to face who knows how many armed and angry dwarves, but if he gets Ayne down there first, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.... or if the Furies kick in.

I think Leaf and Ayne have both grown up a bit, even with the their-only-comparison-is-dwarves things.

Dark Dragon says:

...no thanks Mithandir, i exist in my own little world as it is, I don't really belong in the CTS universe (As awesomeifically cool as it is...) besides, I have my own comic to worry about. :)

hkmaly says:

Alex: If the Furies kick in, bars will be irrelevant. On the other hand, I don't think that would make it "no problem" situation. Of course, most of that problems will be for those dwarves around to have ...

Anya says:

Ayne has her necklace back again. What happened to it, anyhow, last strip?

Derric Thurhame, apprentice magician says:

Leaf needs the plan that requires three paper clips, a mouse, and 74 rolls of duck tape. Unfortunately, he's not likely to think of it, since he's too soft-hearted to use the mouse in his escape plan. Unless it doesn't hurt the mouse...don't ask me whether it does, because I haven't figured out what the plan is yet.

Dark Dragon says:

*deadpan* and I assume the ever diligent dwarves did not confiscate said items? O_o and somehow I think that it's just a little bit hard to carry 74 rolls of duct tape.....now, dynamite, on the other hand...^_^

lylia123 says:

Yeah, no one's REALLY going to notice that you have dynamite when they take you prisoner...

Nebra Reppalk says:

I guess this is a question for Mith: Do they even have gunpowder?

I mean, stereotypically it's the dwarves who utilize black powder and steam-punk type technology. Usually the elves tend to rely more on magic. Then again, this is CTS, so the normal rules don't necessarily apply.

hkmaly says:

Nebra: That's not about normal rules. Dwarves could be stereotypically first race who will develop black powder, but that doesn't mean they already did it.

Mithandir says:

Around the World That Is, scientists are working ceaselessly on not inventing gunpowder. Pixies are bad enough already without it.
This also makes the World That Is the one universe where alchemist are trying to turn gold into lead, so they'll have something to line the roof with.

Nebra Reppalk says:

That makes sense. I keep forgetting the pixie factor. Gunpowder would definitely make the situation far, far worse.

Of course...there's that whole debate over whether technology defeats magic and if increases in technology lead to decreases in magic. (Anyone seen Princess Mononoke?) So hypothetically an increase in technology level would lead to a decrease in magic level, leading to the posible elimination of pixies.

Again...The World That Is has its own rules, so I'm just forming an empty hypothesis.

Katkinkate says:

This universe has explosives of some sort. See episodes 49 and 50. Not sure what type though.

Alex says:

hkmaly- The furies tend to kick in when he's attacked. I didn't figure on him losing it on the bars. He could get frustrated....but...well, its Leaf.

Alex says:

Now, if it was Ayne, she'd be standing in crater already. Trying to dodge the rocks falling from above her.

Dark Dragon says:

big hugs all around...and go drink some orange soda, that always helps.

Princess Mononoke was a good movie, and does make a valid point...that being said, I wouldn't count explosives as technology persey...they're just loads of fun (SPUDS AWAY! ^-^
...do we really want a universe w/out pixies? They are kind of entertaining...as long as they don't know you exist...;p

hkmaly says:

Katkinkate: In any case it must be sort of explosives which is bad to have with pixies around. Also I don't believe that people can stop inventing just because they afraid of the result. When it didn't stop inventors of atomic bomb ...

Nebra: Technology to decrease general magic level ? Don't think so. I would fear for unicorns and Morgane Le Fay, but pixies are different sort of magic.

Alex: True: while there will be no problem geting past the bars with furies, there is more probable that the furies kick in after he escapes ...

hkmaly says:

Or was it hydrogen bomb ? Maybee both ... there was theory, that the chain reaction will not stop, that the whole earth will explode. That theory was disproved experimentally.

InBetween says:

Didn't know that. God to know that scientists take every possible safety precaution...

and congratulations to Nebra, having a royal line named after you! what an honor!

Dark Dragon says:

anyone ever hear of Los Alamos?
a while back, when they were developing the atom bomb (i think...), they took a "smallish" bomb, which would have produced the same amount of explosion of some ungodly amount of megatons of TNT...
point is, they ignited the bomb, and it blew of the cover of what they were testing in. The cover was roughly cow sized, and at the velocity it was going, was at (again, I think) 11 times escape velocity. so just because you take every precaution, you can still end up with man-hole covers in space...please take all I wrote with a grain of salt, i know i'm forgetting something. :)

Nebra Reppalk says:

hkmaly: I know, it's a controversial theory. In some universes it works, in others it doesn't. Again, it's all up to the creator. Sometimes magic and technology are at odds, sometimes they aren't.

However, I will point out that in our world as science and technology grew more advanced and explained the workings of the universe, people generally lost belief in magic and regarded it as superstition of a more ignorant age. I will concede that there are people who still believe in magic, but they are a minority today compared to the almost ubiquitous belief in the Middle Ages.

hkmaly says:

Nebra: Of course it's up to creator. That applies to gravity too.

Look again. It is true, that belief in magic is lower that in Middle Ages, but it is not on the lowest point: for last 20-40 years, the belief in magic roses, while technology grew at a fastest rate ever.

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