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Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:

i don't even get any of it except gandelf in the background i think...

Pav Lucistnik says:

I got Gandalf and Rincewind... this panel is absolutely delightful.

Alphawolf says:

i got the lord of the rings, the Sword of Truth characters, and The wheel of time, but they took me a few minutes >

garnetdragon2003 says:

Isn't that RobinHood, Little John, and the friar person (whose name escapes ma at the moment) at the bottom right?

LoneGamer says:

Friar Tuck, I believe.

Also see Gandalf, Legolas, and some hobbits.

King of Shadows says:

I see Gandalf, hobbits, Rincewind, The Luggage, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, and Little John, Legolas, and is "the dwarf" Gimli?

SKAlex says:

At the risk of seeming sad, I spy a confessor with a mord-sith or two. didn't know anyone had read those books, i found 'em in a second hand bookshop. Good comic so far, but put off by girlieness of the boy...

Science_Vixen says:

Rincewind (the wizard in red in the middle) and the Lugage From Terry Pratchet.

Drizzt Do urden (from R.A. Salvatore) in the distance (white haired dark-elf)

And I belief 2 of the 3 men in the middle , who are talking about matrimonial homicide are Fafhrd and the Grey mouser (From Fritz Leiber).

Alien says:

Leaf isn't really girly. Just Leafy. 'Girly' is a figment of human society's imagination.

Raistlin says:

And Ged! Don't forget Ged. I'm impressed; his skin tone is correct.

xander says:

Don't forget Ged's shadow.
And no, the three guys talking about matrimonial homicide are Rand, Matt, and Perrin (if I remember names correctly). How could you miss the combination of red hair, the glaive, and the giant axe?
And the fact that a Mord sith is friendly (of sorts) with a confessor (and with those hair colors) means it's Richard, the Mother Confessor Kahlan, and Mord Sith (in red) Cara.
I think, anyways.

ivellios says:

i can't spot twinkle or iceing death on the drow so i dont think its drizzt

Becci says:

What about Ged's silly shadow?

Mr.L33T says:

I can't believe I didn't see the references at first... boy am I glad I read the notes...

Ayrin says:

Someone sees Drizzt? I see him! *laughs maniacally and pulls out scimitars*

Ayrin says:

...At least I can pretend it's Drizzt...

Winter_Raven says:

Lol, the Luggage was my favourite character from the Terry Pratchett books. I so wish I had a trunk like that.

kokopelli says:

i see Gandalf,Legolas, Gimli and two Hobbits.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Aragorn's just coming out of a door in the distance, holding the Shards of Narsil (I think that's a broken sword he's holding anyway)Legolas is in green and thinking about feeding Gimli to the balrog, with the Lothlorien bow rather than his mrkwood one (it's paler brown) Gimli's the dwarf, Pippin's in green and with an apple, (Aragorn throws one at him oin tFotR) and merry in yellow, or is it the other way round, I can never remember with those two. Gabdalf's the wizard in grey, and Boromir is standing behind Gandalf, and Frodo is lookin right at us.

Rincewind's the wizard in red, and the Luggage is next to him.

Richard's on the left with the Sword of Truth ("confess the -truth-" (my emphasis)) and that's the Mother Confessor in white ("I can make you") and the Mord Sith in red ('Ooh, let me" They like torture)

Ged's in blue, and the grey flaoty thing is Ged's shadow.

Friar Tuck is the monk, Little John's the big dude and Robbin Hood with the hat, the loot and the bow.

That might be Drizzt walking into the distance, he's a little to small to tell. It could be some other drow, of course.

The only people I don't recognise are the three discussing matrimonal homicide, but I haven't read all the fantasy books out there just yet.

I'd have put King Arthur and Merlin in there too, but I'm not sure where.

dragonqueencr says:

that about sums it up for the people who dont recognise anyone but the LOTR characters (AKA me {runs into a book store to find all the other characters })

Lee says:

"The road goes ever onward" should read "The road goes ever on and on" ...unless you were worried about copyright.

Alien says:

Actually, Lee, there\'s no Bilbo in there.

Nai says:

you guys are missing some dragonlance. i\'m picky about my fantasy settings lol.

Narissona says:


Alchemica says:

Oh, noooo. Law suits and suchwise...

Bubblegum says:

Boy, the city sure is colorful :D

Bastet says:

No, the floaty grey thing is NOT a shadow! It's saying something.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I caught everyone but Drizzt, and that's cause I haven't read any R.A. Salvatore. I love LotR, I read part of the Sword of Truth (I burned out at Soul of the Fire), I read Wheel of Time to Book 7 (Planning to finish it later), I used to love Robin Hood, and I read the Earthsea cycle a few years ago. The grey thing is called a shadow, but that's for lack of a better name.
Serious Discworld fan here! I read all 32 books. You should have shown Rincewind from the front, then we could have admired his "Wizzard" hat. And the Luggage! Know it, love it, fear it. It just better leave the Ankh-Morpork City Watch alone.

Lee says:

Alien: Bilbo wrote "The Road Goes Ever On" but Gandalf and Frodo are always singing it too.

Squirt says:

Is it just me or does Mother Confesser look like an angel and Mord Sith Look similar to the Devil.

Squirt says:

oh yeah I have no idea whatsoever what the rest of you are talking about although some names are familiar . I hope I spelledthat Right. :(

Bubbles says:

it's colorful D:

Lone Star says:

i see a stormtrooper from Star Wars!!!!!!
And the shadow makes me think of Papagueno from The Magic Flute

Statri says:

Thank you, Empress catriona of the Cat People!!! But where is Drizzt?!?! I LOVE his books but I don't see him anywhere!!!! I think your Drizzt and Lone Star's stormtrooper may be the same thing (just behind Legolas &Gimli).

Miche says:

Mord Sith wear blood-red leather for a reason. Squirt: They have other colors too, but none so practical. ^_~

Shadow Phoenix: Try the later SoT books, like Chainfire. I was seriously considering not reading anymore of the series after Naked Empire, but Chainfire redeems it. ^_^

Squirt says:

Oh, really, Mithe. Then please tell me why.

Squirt says:

sorry, Mithe is supposed to be Miche.

The Ironfisted One says:

Mon! They wear red because they torture people and when they wear red the BLOOD DOESN'T SHOW.


I didn't get any of these at first glance. Then I looked back, and my jaw dropped. I've read all these; I should have got it quicker.

Except that Drizzt/Stormtrooper/thingie in the back. I still can't tell what that's all about.

Kay says:

Ahh! Rincewind! ^_^ What a great panel

xp194 says:

I spy a Discworld and LOTR referance... oh and Robin Hood...

Harbinger says:

I must say, I love the inclusion of Richard, Kahlan, and Cara in this strip.

Rose says:

Maybe the writer/artist should put up another panel or something somewhere so we can see what characters are where-from, since I know most of them, but not all... The "sounds like my wife" people, and the "should I confess the truth" ones, I don't know. Maybe that's because I'm not English of origin, but hey ^^
Anyway, that's mostley for the younger readers like myself, who also love fantasy but don't know all the classics.

Thank you, come again!

Phenoca says:

Gandalf! Rincewind!! Sparrowhawk doppleganger... Robin Hood? I don't catch all of the references. Fritz Leiber..? I don't think I've read Wheel of Time that far. I must read Sword of Truth.

stranger says:

luggage. awesome.

Ultrainventor says:

aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!! I. DON'T. KNOW. THE. REFERENCES!

xoer says:

only guys i don't recognise are the 3 talking about there wives

Osk says:

to name the books:
Robin Hood (sure everyone got that one)
Sword of Thruth (on the left)
Earthsea (character sparrowhawk and a shadow from somewhere he conjured which is him)
Wheel of time (Matt with the glaive, Perrin with beard, Rhand with sword, in books 'married' to 3)
Discworld (Rincewind in -faded- red robes with most of the occult symbols fallen off, and his luggage on little legs -it eats peopl? and chips, and a book of spells once-)
Lord of the Rings (I'm sure everyone spotted that too)
If its Drizzt in the distance, i'm not sure

journeyman says:

I think the three on the left are from the "Sword of Truth" books. The three on the right are clearly Robin Hood, LJ, & Friar Tuck. No clue on the others.

Camolotthe29 says:

I spy with my little eye...
Gandalf, legolas, gimli, sparrow hawk (young), the shadow, frodo and his company of hobbits, little John, friar tuck, and robin hood. And- doth mine eyes deceive me?- the balrog is mentioned in passing.

random person says:

Is that Rincewind and his magic trunk?

Maianaise says:

I love the story, and am re-reading it and I reckon some of the people in this picture look like they are from other stories, like the three on the left which look like the Mother Confessor, Lord Rahl and Cara the Mord-sith, or just a mordsith

Tomewyrm says:

I got (from left to right) Richard Rahl, Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell, and Cara from The Sword of Truth; Matrim Cauthon, Rand al'Thor, and Perrin Aybara from The Wheel of Time; in the background I see the entire Fellowship of the Ring, except for Samwise; Rincewind and The Luggage from the Discworld books; the blue robed guy and the shadow I couldn't guess (from reading the comments he's Ged from Earthsea right?); finally Friar Tuck, Little John, and Robin Hood. I don't think that white blob in the background is actually Drizzt Do'Urden.

Conjuro says:

Far left is Richard Rahl, the Mother Confessor and a Mord-sith. Far right, Robin Hood, Little John and Friar Tuck. In the back, the folks from Lord of the rings. In the center, Rincewind and his luggage. Don't recognize the two groups next to Rincewind though.

Conjuro says:

...and I just figured out how to scroll the comments box, making my previous comment redundant. Can't believe I didn't recognize the Wheel of Time characters though.

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