Chasing the Sunset
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frx says:

Still every picture and every words sends a smile to my ixistance, thank you

Odo says:

Feiht is "easily misunderstood." ROFLMAO! One of the top ten posts of this story.

Osk says:

geb is magical?

Aileen-Heather says:

LOL I will destroy the world!

I see mr. Mouse in panels 5 and 6, searching for in panel 3 :-) I love mr. Mouse, but he needs a beter name lol,

InBetween says:

I'm afraid that Leaf do have a point...and that evil is cute and cuddly...

Chariset says:

Didn't you hear me? I said, I will destroy the-.. ooh, shiny!

Tonic says:

Ohh.. Geb now warrents differnt colored speach bubbles. THat means he must be special.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Umm, I hope I didn't give the impression that I hate magic... I just prefer technology, that's all.

Aebliss says:

Wow. Is it me, or has Geb grown wiser and more insightful since last we saw him? And Leaf has badly misjudged Myhrad. ... He's right about Feiht, though. She may not be evil, but she is chaos incarnated! :(

Neko kat says:

Ooh! Name Mr. Mouse Mr. Speckles! That's cute! "I will destroy the world!" Lol! Go Feiht! But please leave me! I be fun! Lol!

Sitara says:

Angry Myhrad. That's rare... I hope Leaf doesn't finally push Myhrad to the brink of burning down villages; Feiht was first in line for that!

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

i was under the impression that dwarves didn't have very strong magic, so they used technology to achieve the ends that the elves achieve with magic.
a question: is myrhad kidding? dragons do torch villages and eat people... what's saying he's different?

Tonic says:

I'm thinking that Geb picked up alot of rehtoric from the revolutionaires.

lylia123 says:

Leaf really has complex issues, doesn't he?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Dwarves don't exactly have a lot of magic users. I mean, yeah, if you want the best magical armor and weapons the dwarves are definitely your best bet, well worth the extra cost. But quite simply, dwarves are often seen as using brute strength over finesse, which translates to using steam power over magic. But it appears in the CtS universe that steam punk tech isn't used as much.

Alex says:

Well, Myrhad is a dragon... and despite his elven upbringing, he knows it too, and has been known to, say, cross his toes while swearing to 'abandon his wicked ways'... Leaf's doubt is valid, although I don't blae Myrhad for being offended.

And Feiht is definately a threat. That's my favourite quote of the comic now :P

Alex says:

*blame. My ability to type is even further defenestrated than usual.

Aerinelf says:

I like the little mouse. :3

And Feiht is still hilarious. "I will destroy the world!"

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

many of the american presidential primary elections were today... i'm just glad i don't have to see any more political commercials...

Aileen-Heather says:

oooo Lets name the mouth "Earth Squeeky" Just for the fun of it

InBetween says:

But then what are we going to cal the tree...


earth geb

EveryZig says:

If magic is easily acessible, it would BE the technology. For example, a golem is just a robot that ignores physics (something that some sci-fi robots do...)

hkmaly says:

EveryZig: Not true. Robots can be build by robots - and I'm speaking about simple robots we already have, there is no need for AI. Process of building robots is deterministic. Golems can't be made by golems unless they can use magic, which according to some sources they can't even when they have human-type inteligence.

Of course, there are things which we see as magic and is instead technology using magic materials, but the difference is there.

hkmaly says:

Using technology is simple. Wizzard can do same or more damage as dynamit, but needs years of studying ... while dynamit can be used by any random person after few minutes of explaining which side to fire and how fast should she throw it.

hkmaly says:

On the other hand, the Wizzard can do that damage naked, without any stuff. Engineer (or chemist ) will need stuff for using technology. Whole factories in some cases.

hkmaly says:

Oh, wizard. The Rincewind confused me :-)

Winterbay says:

Mmm... Rincewind :)

Tonic says:

The nature of magic differs depending upon the fictional world. In some it is just an extra set of rules to the physics in which case it is technically technology. On the other extreme it's a way of manipulating forces inheriently ununderstandible and is technically mysticism. At any rate I bet the mouse hides a dark melevolent power.

Adi Sagestar says:

Cute things generally are evil... I don't think Myhrad is, though. A bit grumpy, perhaps, but not evil. And Feiht is more chaotic than bad.

Love the shadows in this.



Adi Sagestar says:

Hey, I wonder how Geb got a tree on his nose?


... says:

Interesting observation: The mouse can get in and out of the cells easily. So either the bars aren't magical or they are more selective than expected.

JuneBug says:

I think that Leaf could probably fit through the bars if he tried.

TheNextTaggerung says:

ROFLMAOxINFINITY "I will destroy the world!"

MemyselfandI says:

If we're talking Rincewind, in "Feet of Clay" golems *did* make another golem. Not well, but they did make one.

J Random says:

Those bars are way too far apart. They need more horizontal ones, too. Leaf could just turn sideways and walk out.

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