Maybe a Plan is Better
Chasing the Sunset
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Einar says:

That's one nasty catch...

Alex says:

Damn. There goes my plan.

Odo says:

That does explain Feiht's acceptance. Of course she did say in the last strip that she would destroy the world, and that would be the artificial world that holds her.

Love the mouse.

Thank you for the strip as always.


Ferial says:

OW! Quite the "catch"!
Thank you for the new part of the tale. As always, I love reading it and all the beautiful artwork!

Osk says:

great comic, as usual

Kae says:

...I really *love* the facial expressions in this one. All of them. Wow.

Neko kat says:

Yay! We got a close up on Mr. Speckles! Wheee!

Tensk1234 says:

ouch...what a catch....

Aerinelf says:

Ask the mouse! *pokes Leaf*

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, that's a rather comprehensive defense system to make sure people don't get out. Even a pixie can't escape. That's impressive...

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

So, if she were to destroy the world she's in, would it free her, or just, well... destroy it?

EveryZig says:

They should put up a sign declaring that they have mind-killing wards... An accident with that kind of thing would end up really messy...

Chariset says:

That explains Feiht, I guess.

What happened to Sohac?

Tonic says:

maybe Leaf was the only one strong enough to trigger the alarm, and they just locked up everything else magic nearby. Pixie magic is gimmics and I doubt it's really strong. As for dragons they themseles are strong, but is thier magic?

hkmaly says:

hkmaly says:

How did Geb knows that ?

Wanderer says:

Not really strong? Pixie magic can do ANYTHING the pixie believes it can do. Anything. Pixies incarnate chaos, they could wipe out the universe if they realized it.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Exactly, the only thing keeping pixies from destroying the universe is their very short attention spans. Sort of like Suzumiya Haruhi. They have the power to destroy the world, but if you keep them occupied the world will survive a little longer.

Chariset says:

Oh, I just remembered. Sohac went off somewhere with Rhyme.

Rhyme has magic. Why didn't she trip the alarm?

lylia123 says:

How does Geb know everything about this?

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

i love leaf in the first panel!
and i love the closeup on the mousy! *hugs mousy*
wait... antimagic? that's so sad.... *hugs mousy again*

Osk says:

tonic, pixie magic might be just "gimmics" but they are pure magic and as such, strongly magical. also, dont underestimate the destructive effect of gimmicks

Tonic says:

Well at any rate we're getting way to far into particualrs of this universes mechanics that we don't know and are undefined. What we do know is that the troll god triggered the alarm and was ocked up. The furies triggered the alarm and they locked up the furies (Leaf) the pixie, and the dragon. If Ryhme and Sohac passed though the gate they must not have "strong" magic.

Nebra Reppalk says:

No, if you remember, Feiht pushed Sohac out of the way when the cage came down. Rhyme is a bard, so her magic is mainly cantrips and other small spells. Remeber, her main talents are incredible rhyming ability, musical talent, and other bardish abilities.

Chariset says:

(and where did you silly people learn zoology? Look at the tail. That's a rat, not a mouse!)

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

but mousy sounds more happiful!

lylia123 says:

what's wrong with rats? i like rats.

Jeremiah says:

For a magic-hater king their jails surely have good spells on them. Or is an "anti-magic spell" a spell?
Dwarves love rats... with ketchup.

Aebliss says:

Is it me, or is Leaf looking more manly of late?

weirdo says:

If you look in the last two panels, its amazing how much a slight change in the angle of the mouth and eyebrows can make an expression go from hopeful joy to gloomy depression. Very well done.

Majestyca says:

Ooooooh, Mr. Speckles has two shadows! and they make a heart!! Weee!

Haruhi? I LOVE that show! cool. Yay Anime!

Poor Leaf.
Love the strip!

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

Shadow: A poem without Rhyme, Meter, or Point
roses are red
violets are blue
mr. speckles has a heart-shaped shadow!
happy valentine's day!

hkmaly says:

Of course "anti-magic spell" is a spell. You can't block magic with anything else that magic. Also, by laws of magic, there is a spell which disables this anti-magic spell. (Which doesn't mean anyone know that spell).

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, I suppose we should ask Mith and Alien, how does anti-magic work in CtS? Is it magical by nature, or is it different? There could be materials with special properties that simply create a field where magic doesn't work. Such as cold iron which often is stated to defeat magic just by its natural properties. Whether that would be considered magical or otherwise is another question we'd have to ask...

hkmaly says:

Cold iron defeats Elves and Fae. I've never heard about it protecting from magic generally.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Ah, well, if you ever read Robert Heinlein's "Magic Inc." apparently cold iron has the ability to defeat magic. For example, an object placed in a cold iron safe would be safe from any magical meddling. There are also examples, such as in Stardust, where you use iron to test gold to make sure it isn't Faerie gold, which I would assume disappears upon contact with iron.

hkmaly says:

I already read that, only forgot that bit ... still, being resistant to magic and even the faraday-cage-like property, are different and much "simpler" properties. The fae is not supposed to be drained by the cold iron, only wounded (or killed) by the shock.

By the way, we see Leaf is not wounded by touching that bars or by standing so near. That is also pointing to some spell guarding line of bars instead of "natural" anti-magic efect of material.

J Random says:

That is a pretty stupid ward. It won't do anything to stop an escapee who doesn't care about those things, or an extraction team that doesn't care about whether the extractee keeps those things.

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