But Who'd Do Anything Rash?
Chasing the Sunset
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ShadowDancer says:

It's a good thing no one in their party ever does anything rash...except the person who is going to try negotiating their release.

Wow, Leaf is kinda screwed on this one. I hope Ayne doesn't lose her temper.

Pulsy says:

ooh look at that colored window radiating sunlight into many colors !! sweet ^^

Alex says:

Lmao... I reckon they'll do okay. Ayne's got better control than she used to... not that thats saying a whole lot, but I still think they'll make it out of there with at least a lead. Besides, Dwarvish diplomatics seem to have coincided with Ayne-an diplomatics so far...

Ooga says:

What's that wall say in the back there?

xKiv says:

I read it as

certain about WAS HERE, pretty sure about OPEFIS, doubting about M and T

Relheun says:

Well, I am certain about the M, but your T could just as easily be an H.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I wouldn't worry too much. Technically speaking, Leaf hasn't done anything, except bringing potentially dangerous magic into the city. Besides which, if you kill Leaf, the Furies have no host and will proceed to rampage throughout the city. Not good. So it will be much easier to just expel him from the kingdom, by which a potential danger has been easily removed.

Tonic says:

just like dwarfs to not realise that protagonists need to be able to escape from prison

Jynx says:

What kind of magic did the Dwarves use on the prison bars? Any ideas? I think it's pretty ingenious...

hkmaly says:

I already said it, but seems to must say it again: Why we should trust Geb or more importantly the unknown source of his information ?

The fact Geb think they will expel Leaf unless Ayne do something rush doesn't mean it's true. It's still possible that Ayne diplomacy is necessary.

Also, Geb didn't said anything about Mythrad ... or himself.

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

that really is the most beautiful stained-glass window i've ever seen...

Nebra Reppalk says:

We can trust Geb because he's a good-natured soul and wouldn't lie to a friend like Leaf. Furthermore, sometimes the most powerful weapon is the truth. When people call your bluff and find out it wasn't a bluff, they're all that much more impressed. And I'm pretty sure the dwarves know the prison they built. I mean...they built it, who would know more?

And if that babble of nonsense I just wrote, take this explanation: It advances the plot, don't ask questions.

Chariset says:

In all fairness, Leaf's "clever schemes" have gotten them into more trouble than Ayne's temper

hkmaly says:

Nebra: I'm not saing Geb is knowingly lying. Emphasis on knowingly.

I know, advances the plot ... you can explain anything with that.

Chariset: Are you sure ? In fact I don't remember any trouble they could avoid by acting differently ... everything was "prepared" (waiting on that point of way) or made by Feith.

(Of course, I might forgotten something ... I didn't reread archives just for this statement.)

TwoToed says:

The young one is innocent-he would not even harm pocket lint. lalala.

Bificommander says:

Geb seems smart and calm enough to be trusted. Plus, he has little to gain from knowingly lying.

I'd ditch Rhyme if I were them though. Rhyme's advice got Leaf in trouble twice so far (First the furies, now trying to pass through the gate.) And I'm not convinced those were both well intentioned mistakes on Rhyme's part....

*Skittles* says:

I'm not sure what my opinion is on Rhyme. She may just be making mistakes, but who knows...

I agree, that window is very pretty.

A. Nony Mouse says:

Nobody ever expects the Elven Inquisition!

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

a. nony mouse: so what's the main weapon of the elven inquisition?

Chariset says:

"That's not fair! Who makes prisons you can't escape from?" The more I think about that line, the funnier it becomes.. =)

dragonqueencr says:

omnipotent maybe? its a stretch

... says:

So what was a Mopefish doing there in the first place?

JuneBug says:

"Well that's no fair! Who makes a prison you can't escape from?
Oh, silly, naive, little Leaf. ;P

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Hee! Pretty glass window!

Wisknort says:

Mithandir says:

Wow, I was starting to think nobody would find it :)

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