Dwarven Vestibule
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

Love it.
"Surrender your bow and sword. Here is your axe as a ceremonial token."


Look of glee...

Perfectly harmless ceremonial axe with nice heft and sharp edges...

Perfectly harmless..

Osk says:

how could you lose that axe?

Rhianthalia says:

You could drop it down an invisible hole???

Elystriana says:

Oooh, I just love the expression on Ayne's face in the last panel.
"I cannot let you see the king so armed...Don't meet the king without a ceremonial axe..." uhoh...

coraphise says:

haha! take a way two weapons and give her another XD

Banarok says:

I'm quite sure the axe is just some sort of prank because she was so rude, sweet revenge right?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, now that I think about it, giving Ayne an axe actually makes sense. If Ayne goes violent, the dwarves know she has an axe and know how to deal with the situation. If Ayne was still armed with her sword and bow the guards would have to calculate all the possible situations that could arise.

Lily says:

She doesn't look entirely sure about the whole axe concept, does she?

Neko says:

Let me have your sword and bow so you don't kill the king...

Here's the ceremonial AXE!!!

Yeah...you could never kill someone with an AXE!!! With those sharp edges, no one would ever get hurt with it...

Also, good point. How could you lose it?!?!? THE AXE IS HUGE!!! You would have to drop it down an invisible hole to lose it...and there probably isn't one there...or at least that's what we think!!! WHAT IF THERE IS ONE!!!

Neko says:

Oh yeah...they still haven't had the Amazon Stone thingy have any real importance...remember the stone thing that the Amazons gave Ayne?

Jynx says:

What Amazon thing? And about the Axe...Axes aren't a traditional Elvish weapon, so I doubt she knows how to use it properly. Plus I hope the Dwarven king is protected enough so that he can't get killed by one Elvish Amazon. But then again, this is Ayne we're talking about, and she is a main character, so...

Nebra Reppalk says:

I wouldn't worry...too much... I'm still hoping everything will turn out for the best. Besides which, that ceremonial axe looks a tad too large for anyone smaller than say a troll to wield efficiently. Besides, if my eyeballing measurements are correct that ceremonial axe is as large as the dwarven diplomat, if not larger.

hkmaly says:

It seems to me the diplomat is afraid she might missplaced the axe in _someone_.

Lythn says:

ceremonial axe, awesome!

Krenn says:

Given how weird the dwarves have been so far, maybe "I cannot let you see the king so armed" is dwarven for "your current weapons clash with the throne room decor?"

as opposed to, say "your current weapons are a danger to the king?"

Osk says:

and though ayne might not be practiced at using an axe, if she gets angry im sure she will manage to figure out the basics, like "swing with one of the sharp bits to the front"

Unigirl says:

Ayne's expression in the last panel is scary..

Faticia says:

I LOVE this page!!! Oh, and I second Krenn.

I love Ayne's expression in the last panel. She looks like she's just found a new favorite weapon... which is a scary thought.

Jynx says:

That's very true. Does anyone know at this point if she knows the others are in prison? If she does kind out...Bye bye dwarves...

Tonic says:

Which "books" is reffering to? The scene is alot like one in LotR except there were no women there. And as for the axe, maybe they thik f axes as pro-dwarven weapons and other types as anti-dwarven?

Jynx says:

Books probably refers to the Lord of the Rings books. But I don't know if attacking a dwarf with a weapon considered pro-dwarf is any better attacking a dwarf with a weapon considered anti-dwarf...

Erebus says:

I'd say it's a reference to the moment when Gandalf convinces the guards of Theoden to let him keep his staff when he sees the king.

Neko says:

Ok, I searched it in the archives and figured out which comic it was and235! what it's called.
It's called a Homelink Pearl.
It's in comic #235
the name of the comic, is, obviously, Homelink.
When the Amazons eggs hatch, the Stone will turn blue. When the Amazons are in danger, it will turn red.
This is comic #467!
The Homelink Pearl was in comic #235!!!
That's been 232 comics since the Homelink Pearl has shown up! What's gonna happen to it???

Neko says:

Oh yeah, I agree with Krenn too!!!

Jynx says:

...The authors forgot...?
*suddenly gets zapped by lightning bolt for questioning the comic gods*

Mithandir says:

I think you've somehow missed Comic 454 which is the latest comic to feature the homelink pearl :)

Pulsy says:

Ok it's been 3 days and i'm still laughing myself silly every time i read this comic. Best joke ever! XD

Dark Dragon says:

who's bright idea was it to give her an axe?

Is she grinning evilly in the last pannel?

Tonic says:

oh right. Only it was "old man" and staff", not "girl" and "sword and bow" that's what threw me. Sorry to kill the joke by analysing it.

Skreyola says:

I love this one.
I don't think she looks confused in the last panel. I think she looks gleeful.
Love the "You can't bear a weapon before the king. Here, you must carry this axe to see him."

TheNextTaggerung says:

I think Ayne will kill someone with that axe very very soon judging by her expression...

TheNextTaggerung says:

Voucher? Gear? Huh???

-Norbert- says:

[quote]Which "books" is reffering to? The scene is alot like one in LotR except there were no women there[/quote]
You realize that the Films were based (loosly) of books, right?
Does the name J.R.R. Tolkien ring a bell?
If not I strongy suggest you borrow of buy the book and read them, they are much better than the films.

... says:

"We can 't let you see the king armed like that...
You have to see him armed like me this!"

anyone else getting flashbacks about gas station bathroom keys?

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

I can't say anymore, still too air deprived from the amount of laughing I've done because of this.

linkolek says:

Hmm, axe size is about the same as dvarf, right?
Then, how strong they are if they can lift it using only one hand?

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