The Axe of Damocles
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

For the record: the King isn't really that tall. It's an intentional illusion made by long robes and high seats. Oh and the queen is knitting chainmail.

winner says:

quite dexeriouse with that axe

Coyote says:


InBetween says:

go chain mail! hahaha
i think the dwarfs kind of missed the point with the sword from a singel hair, but the axe on a chain is impressive as well... much safer, to

saeria says:

... That's a queen? :P
Axes rock.

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

(And who besides me DOES remember the joke that Amazon played on them?)

Lise says:

That was a hilarious joke! Eventually the whole world will think it's an amazon tradition... except for the amazons.

WHO KNOWS? says:

Oooooh!! *steals grapes and eats them all* that was good!

X-Kal says:

If I remember correctly, the standing on one leg and croaking was a scam that the Amazons played on Ayne back when they were still in No-Man's Land.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yes Narian, I saw.

Ummm, you don't knit chainmail...just pointing that out...

Tonic says:

Maybe YOU don't knit chainmail. But dwarfs obviously do.

Jynx says:

No, you can't knit chain mail, at least as far as humans go. It requires a lot of little circles and two pairs of really delicate pliers (my brother does it), but not needles). But I wouldn't put it past the dwarves to figure out a way to knit it.

Jynx says:

I love Ayne's expression in panel 5. She looks like me a bit there...

Erebus says:

Ha ha ha ! Either the Amazons forgot to tell Ayne the truth or it's another example of their sense of humor. The third possibility is that they just didn't want to face Ayne's reaction once she had learned the "tradition" was made-up.

Of course, Feith didn't tell her either, but that's not surprising.

stormkite says:

actually, the process of putting the rings together IS usually referred to as "knitting" mail. It's not quite the same as knitting an afghan, obviously, but the implication of hooking links of material together in a set pattern holds.

Nebra Reppalk says:

All right, all right. The point is made.I still think armor is forged

And those of you that think I'm a human, I'm a dwarf. (Apologies to those that know already)

Jynx says:

I was referring to the needles themselves more than the process ^_^. (I'm ocd, so stuff like that bugs me. Sorry if I annoy anyone ^_^;).

Jynx says:

Although depending on the type of chain mail, isn't it impossible to forge?

hkmaly says:

Erebus: Actually, in comix 238 it seems that while Leaf and Myhrad still don't get it, Ayne know it's joke. But she might need some weird amazon tradition to show to dwarwes, no matter if real :-)

Kae says:

Chainmail isn't forged, and yes, the technical term is knitting, or sometimes weaving. However, if the dwarves have fingers strong enough to pinch the rings (which she has piled in that basket) shut without pliers, she could very well be using the "needles" in a variation of the old beading technique of spearing beads (rings) in a stack on each needle, and letting them slip off the end as needed. If done correctly, each needle would serve primarily as a feed for a new ring link, and her fingers would do the pinching. How's that? :)

Elystriana says:

That sounds likely. I suppose that basket next to the throne is a basket of chainmail links (instead of yarn lol)=)

furia firelander says:

i want to see ayne in chainmail

E.T. says:

The queen has a BEARD!{scary music plays}OH NO!

Mia says:

There's a queen somewhere under that beard? I can't tell.
I'm guessing neither the kind or queen is actually touching the floor. I wonder why there are three thrones, though? The third one doesn't seem to be used as the kings have grapes standing there.

I know I've heard that story about the sword hanging by a hair... I really can't remember it though. Bummer.

Mia says:

Er, king*

Tonic says:

Or she could be knitting steel thread. That's much more time consuming then regular chain mail but it fits better and is quiteter.

Zela says:

Or they could be... magic knitting needles!

mirko says:

sword of the damocles - tale by cicero:
dionisos put a sword during a dinner above the head of damocles, to show him how dangerous life can be.

Neko says:

I remember that joke played on Anye! It's comic #174!

Skreyola says:

Aha! I was right about Damoclese!

Skreyola says:

Actually, the sword of Damoclese was the way the king showed the envious citizen what goes along with the fancy chairs and sumptuous food... the sword represents the responsibilities that go with being king.

Jynx says:

So who's trying to teach the King a lesson, then?

Chariset says:

If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have no idea that was a Queen.

Marc says:

I'm curious as to why she's croaking.

Ivellios says:

don't have time to read all comments but those who are wondering how mail is made it is done by riveting each of the rings together manuely

Elystriana says:

Marc, If you don't get it, go back to where they first meet the amazons. It's part of a joke

And the third throne doesn't have an arm, so maybe it's just for holding grapes ;p

E.T. says:

I love the door in frame 1.

E.T. says:


Dark Dragon says:

or maybe the third throne is for a cat...
to knit chain mail, you just have to have magic or super heat resistant knitting needles and some suitable metal that becomes stringy when slightly heated... what are the orbs on the arms of the thrones?

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

Well, wouldn't dwarves become fireproof? Sort of an evolutionary asset?

Pulsy says:

Stupid humans and their safety risks :D Silly dwarves missed the whole point :D The axe is indeed quite kingly though :P

Aerinelf says:

*laughs* Knitting chainmail... Love the expression on Ayne's face in panel five.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh no. The last of the Great Three authors of the Golden Age of Sci-Fi has passed. Arthur C. Clarke, Issac Assimov, and Robert A. Heinlein have all passed from this earth.

The work has not been lost, but transcribed into a better language by the Author.

Elystriana says:

Why are two of the orbs on the thrones reddish and the other one pale yellow? Or is ti just the light?

And the dwarves seem to like red and gold a lot =)

E.T. says:

Red and gold were a sign that you were VERY rich it was hard to dye.

E.T. says:

also it is pretty.and the gold is shiny!

E.T. says:

lovly strip!

Jynx says:

Plus red and gold seem to fit dwarves better. I wouldn't expect a dwarf hall to be decked out in lavender and earthy brown, you know? (heh. That would be amusing.)

Aerinelf says:

After rereading the entire series of comics, I've realized...Ayne is slowly turning blue. o.o Why did I not see this before? *clicks back and forth between the commics*

Aerinelf says:

Gah...comics, not commics. xD I can spell, really.

Tonic says:

I think the third "throne" is just a table. For grapes, or papers the king may need for the audience. Also note that all three "thrones" are one piece.

SagaciousNJ says:

The metaphor is very apt for dwarves, I guess they're an orderly bunch. not much of a taste for regicide and they're not about to lose any wars. The king is sitting pretty and is going to continue to do so for a long time.

TheNextTaggerung says:

The Queen has a beard.
That is just WRONG.

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