Whose Despair, I Wonder?
Chasing the Sunset
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kickme says:

Poor gaurds (;

Jeremiah says:

In the fifth panel, Ayne surely looks girly. I like it.

Osk says:

be yourself, what a challenge heh. pixies make great weapons of mass distraction

InBetween says:

As i thought, Ayne would make a great dark lord, especially if she managed to manipulate her friends...not that Faith need to be manipulated that much ;)

Elystriana says:

Pixie coming- all dungeons guards run for your lives! Lol, just be yourself. Love how Ayne is drawn in the fifth panel.

Lady Phoenix says:

LOVE the 5th panel!

Pom Rania says:

LOL. This is great!

coraphise says:

Girly, hawt... whatever. I think it's a great look. ^^

Lee says:

Seen this? (from http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NotableFantasyWebcomics ):

"Chasing the Sunset: After his father goes missing the rather bishonen elf Leaf sets off on a quest to find him, accompanied by the fiery female warrior-elf Ayne; Myhrad the drageling (a small blue and orange dragon) , who not only talks but is something of a Deadpan Snarker; and the pixie Feiht (not only "thief" spelled backwards but also pronounced "fate"), who is incredibly annoying but won't go away, and is sometimes useful, if only as a distraction. The story takes great delight in both celebrating and sending up fantasy tropes, and combines believable characters and rigorous plotting with some genuinely clever jokes as well as moments of great poignancy. It's also notable for having acquired the domain name "fantasycomic.com". "

ailruby says:

ah theres a girl under all that anger

Styck says:

Should have yelled "Grenade!", but that might have given a false sense of hope.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Isn't the use of Pixies as weapons outlawed by the Nebia Convention?

Not that anyone pays attention to those....unfortunately...

Vulpis says:

Heee--I was just about to comment that that looked *exactly* like how you throw a grenade in a bunker...

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Oh dear, I almost pity the guards.

Madmann135 says:

I think the 6th pannel is more fitting than the fifth.

Eraikei W.O. says:

XD Even though someone made a comment along the lines of my thought...

Pixies work just as well as grenades. XD

Skreyola says:

Hehe... I pity the fool who steps between Ayne and her goal. ;-)) 5th panel is nice. :)

Neko says:

I like panel 2...it shows a good close-up of Ayne, and I like panel 3 cuz it's a close-up of Sohac! Awesome! ^________^

Retiarius says:

Pixies work BETTER than grenades. Grenades only explode once. >:)

ShadowDancer says:

Oh my gods! I was actually right about using Sohac as a distraction. It is rather cruel to the guards, but they are the ones holding her friends prisoner, so they're almost asking for it. ^_^

InBetween says:

The problem with clearing a bunker whit a pixie is that it was probably easier to take out the guards in a different manner than to deal whit the pixie now in the bunker...

Sorry Nebra, but the dwarfs asked for it

hkmaly says:

What happened to comments for movie ? I see this comments under it ...

Mithandir says:

Fixed now, thanks.

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

(Let's hope it's the guards going "Aaaaaah!!" in there and not Sohac...)

Dark Dragon says:

absolutely brilliant!!!
what does that tail belong to in the doorway in panel 6?

is the name above the dungeons a Princess Bride reference? (a la Pit of Despair?)

Nebra Reppalk says:

That's not a tail you see, that's the door knocker/handle/whatever. You see the whole thing in panel four.

Eraikei W.O. says:

You guys have such good eyes. x.x I'm jealous!

And pixies are only better than grenades if you're hoping for frightened and possibly spotted enemies running in the opposite direction, rather than a big boom and lots of death.

Odo says:

Bloody marvelous. I agree with most of the commenters that the picture of Ayne in panel 5 is most excellent.

hkmaly says:

Narian Goldword: I don't think that would be any difference.

Osk says:

Eraikei, pixies can do boom and destruction too! after all, they started the apocalypse, and then forgot about it, so it got called off. Just consider a pixie in a fireworks factory... "all the pretty sparkles"

Alex says:

"Grenades only explode once..." Lol, too true. And I'll betit takes more dwarves then they've got in there at that time to deal with him/her, too.

Personally, I like panel too. I think it's absolutely beautiful, really well done.

Alex says:

...I can't type worth a damn.
'Two' and 'bet it'.

I only just noticed that Ayne's ear is pierced, too. I don't remember that.
Although that's probably jut me being unobservant.

Unigirl says:

InBetween, about Ayne being a dark lord and Feiht not needing to be manipulated: I guess Feiht would just go 'Wheee!' and then go with it...

Awesome page, as usual.

Dark Dragon says:

oh...thank you Nebra. :)
or Feiht might decide to defeat Ayne for the heck of it

Chariset says:

Fire in the hole!

..okay, okay.. Pixie in the hole!

...that doesn't sound right either.

Jynx says:

Eh? The only language I know besides English is German...Anyone with me in making this English-only? (unless translation is provided)

Jynx says:

And I absolutely love panel 5. We should start a Panel 5 Fan Club...

Skreyola says:

Or an auction for limited edition posters of the fifth panel. ;)

Dark Dragon says:

I'd buy one of the posters....would it come with a free pixie?

Stickmaker says:

I wouldn't be surprised to see panel 5 showing up as an LJ icon used by multiple people. :-)

stormkite says:

The question is whether she's using an incindiery pixie or a flashbang?

Or both?

BlackDrake says:

Umm...am I the only one who noticed that Ayne dosn't have her bow? did she lose it? hmm...come to think of it she dosn't have it since she smashed the throne room floor, maybe they didn't let her take it back.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Nah, I think it's just because since they're in the dungeons, the bow won't be particularly helpful.

Jynx says:

True. In Dwarvenville Dungeons, I guess a ax is the best weapon. Interesting (though I suppose a sword would work too).

Aerinelf says:


EveryZig says:

No pixie is truly free. Money is shiny, you know.

Chariset says:

What's the over/under on the scream being Myhrad?

Jynx says:

Now that would be amusing...

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Pixies are infact (i)better(/i) than grenades because grenades can't cover you with itching powder or turn you into sheep.

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