Unplausible deniability
Chasing the Sunset
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X-Kal says:

Aww, poor Sohac! Denying a pixie of due shinies is surely a federal crime!

InBetween says:

All rooms should have a small amount of emergence shinnies in case of a pixie dropping by.

Osk says:

im trying to see what sohac is juggling with

Elystriana says:

I wonder who tied up the guards? Love how Ayne is drawn in panels 2, 3, and 5.

Skreyola says:

Wow. hahaha! People's hopes were dashed because it was Sohac who screamed, but nothing bad has happened... yet! I wonder who did tie up the guards. Maybe pne tied up the other, and then the one was tied up by an intruder. Or maybe they're being punished for not keeping intruders out. Or maybe Feiht will later send Ayne back in time to tie them up herself. hehehehahaha

Nebra Reppalk says:

Or possibly it's those revolutionaries who are now trying to free Geb, the earth avatar...

Osk says:

or counter revolutionairies comming to kill all the magic creatures?

Elystriana says:

Maybe Sohac did tie them up, and he jst forgot.

4WindsWanderer says:

Wouldn't put it past him, with his kind of attention span, but I doubt it . . . ah, the suspense!

Chariset says:

The candle, Sohac! The candle is shiny!

Lee says:

No bleating sheep? In other words, Ayne is disturbed by the silence of the lambs...

Odo says:

uhhhgggghhhh! Silence... That was baaad.

Dark Dragon says:

argreed, Odo...
i think something snuck up on the guards, because if there was a struggle, the room would be in disarray and it's not.

Nebra Reppalk says:

So, some very, very sneaky revolutionaries then... Not that these guards probably had good Spot and Listen checks to begin with...

EveryZig says:

Maby one of the guards really WAS a revolutionary...

Elystriana says:

You mean there was three guards, and one tied the other two up?

Alex says:

Hmm, certainly thickens the intrigue...Ayne's gotten herself into a little bit more than she planed on here. She'll probably be mistaken as part f whatever plot is unfolding.

On the other hand, she'll probably gain credibility if she helps the dwarves.

Dark Dragon says:

And Ayne would help the dwarves why?

Jynx says:

She still might help them, if she gets the others freed in return. Remember that she was going to rescue them from Sohac. Then again, not many people deserve to be left to pixies as punishment...

Alex says:

I think she'd help if she thought the dwarves were in the right...

I also forget to mention that I'm proposing the creation of a panel 2 fan club.... anyone want to second it?

TheNextTaggerung says:

The papers are ripped up- maybe the guards got into a fight, and one guard beat the other two? And then ran off with all the shiiiiny tings after tying up the other two?

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