The axe and the sword
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

Beautiful fight scene and I love the way it is laid out like a path.
And while one should not throw dwarfs as a general rule, using one as a projectile weapon seems like the best way to do it.

Woulv says:


Sitara says:

I like the layout. Who warned all the other dwarves?

EdorFaus says:

Sitara: probably the sounds of the fighting.

Really well done fight scene - and good way of showing that just because Ayne has a sword, doesn't mean she's very good with it when faced with capable opponents.
Oh, and nice touch with the flower on top of the layout. :)

Pulsar says:

Watch out for Ayne's special move: the Midget Toss!

Lee says:

"Nobody tosses a dwarf!"

Issaquena says:

Ayne does ^^

Elystriana says:

Woot! Heh, the dwarf took her sword, now she gets to use a dwarf as a weapon! Lol, dwarves make great projectiles.
Nice layout, love the little flower!

Sabreur says:

Dang, Lee got to say it first! Very nice. I like the unusual layout, it really conveys the chaos of a brawl.

Dark Dragon says:

Somehow, I don't think the dwarf will appreciate Ayne's stunning tactical manuever... =) I like Ayne's expression in panel 2 ( What the...?)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Actually, I think a battle down a hallway is a -5 Listen Check if I remember correctly. I think those dwarves that are coming don't look like guards. They aren't wearing the red livery that appears to be the color of this particular clan.

tensko1234 says:

looks like she reaching for her sword as she's running.

Tonic says:

perhaps the sound warned them. However I see two other possibilities. 1) those new dwarfs are breaking in. 2) the guard had partols that became excited when they noticed all the stationairy guards were bound.

Vulpis says:

And Ayne invents Dwarf Bowling... ;-)

The Last Melon says:

So what would tossing a dwarf be? Strength check to throw, and then treat it as an oversized throwing weapon?

hkmaly says:

EdorFaus: IMHO not as much capable oponents like oponents with uncommon weapons: Ayne might be good swordsman ... ehm, swordswoman, but probably never tried to block axe with sword before.

I think the "Aaagh" outcry Ayne made in last strip might be the loudest part of battle :-).

Mithandir says:

Well, not sure about dwarves, but I know halfling rogues are treated as thrown weapons with a range increment of 5' and a -4 non-proficiency penalty (unless you're proficient with exotic weapons: halfling). A conscious one can be treated as a touch weapon, but only if he or she is on your side (debatable after throwing them).

Likewise, to use an elf as a club, you take a -4 non-proficiency penalty. Elves are usually bludgeoning weapons and are considered two-handed for large creatures. Unless provided with heavy armor, an elf deals only subdual damage.

You need to know these things as a DM.

(and yes, both these questions have been relevant in games I've either been in or DMed)

Katkinkate says:

These dwarves are the ones that tied up the guards. They are probably invading or an assassination/ terrorist party and she's going to be a hero for saving the Dwarf king from death.

Issaquena says:

Mithandir: lol, I prefer not to use living weapons in gaming :)

Nebra Reppalk says:

The biggest problem I remember was literally: How do we cross the river?

We spent so much effort on that, it wasn't even funny. I ended up being tossed by a psychic across the river, hitting a tree, knocking the tree over, and then scrambling out of the way as the tree fell.

Jynx says:

Oh dear...The hardest thing I've had to cope with was the task itself. The task/quest/thingy was for 5 experienced people, and we had 2 people, both inexperienced (we had just made new characters). The hardest part of it was how to kill the 25 zombies and I came up with the idea to light them on fire *pats self on back*

The Last Melon says:

Oh, zombies. We once came across a room full of them while I was a warlock. Thing was, they didn't attack us. So I just sort of stood in the door way and uh...well, maybe "flamethrower" is the best word to use here.

I remember hearing a question about an unconscious dwarf with a Returning throwing axe in a locked gauntlet. The question was, what happens if the friendly half-orc picks up the dwarf and throws it at a group of enemies? Answer? Deals blah blah blah damage and returns to the orc's side at the beginning of the next round.

Skreyola says:

I agree that they are probably not guards. And their appearance behind her would explain the lack of bonds on this guard. They hadn't gotten to him.

Chariset says:

"Boot to the head"...

Elystriana says:

lol =)

Dark Dragon says:

Has anyone noticed that the charging dwarves look fairly scruffy? (Meaning not guards?)

My biggest problem was "Your spell has bounced off the salamander and affected your comrade. He is now in love with the salamander."

TheNextTaggerung says:

In love. That can be understood.
With a SALAMANDER? THAT is just wrong.
But I guess that in the world of gaming, anything is possible! =)

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Wait, WHAT??? But NOBODY tosses the dwarf!

Ultrainventor says:

so is this when ayne wounds her leg? I was wondering because the cast appeared out of nowhere.

Alien says:

Indeed it is, Ultrainventor. Well spotted.

Ultrainventor says:


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