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Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

A very regular town to be an elvish one. I blame the dwarves.

krazzy says:

i blame robin hood

the krud says:

i blame the government! they're always wrong!

kokopelli says:

I wish I could draw as good as these comics are drawn.

Icy says:

I blame George Bush.

ArcticChicken says:

I always blame George Bush

OneTimer says:

I blame society.

Jennifyr says:

I blame the media

Alchemica says:

I blame everyone before they blame me, it usually works.

Bubblegum says:

I blame Alchemica.

wierdo says:

I blame humans 'cause we're all so stupid(no offense meant, but it's true)

Bubbles says:

Keep on blaming bush! It's a good thing to do!!

Ajemii says:

i would blame everything and anything if there was something in it for me
(like SHINYS)
*twitch* muhahahahahaha!
nope im sane... *twitch*

Rendezvous says:

thats right Bubbles keep blaming Bush

the raven says:

i blame Sean Ma or Ruben Moreno.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I blame W too! He needs blamed. I like the moss joke. That doesn't even work in forests that I've seen. And neither do seabirds. Heck, we get them in West Virginia, which has all of one natural body of standing water.

Bubbles says:

Bush is possibly the worst president the united states has ever had...he barely makes any major decisions that help other people: how can ANYONE put up with that? I t's outrageous!

the raven says:

i agree bubbles! bush is DUMB! NEVER EVER vote someone from the bush family!!! w is weird!!

the raven says:

ps the aforementioned sean and ruben are OBNOXIOUS. you cant deny it-ive had them in ess since first grade!!

Lee says:

I blame the blame culture.

*Skittles* says:

I blame... Ooooh! Shiney!

*Skittles* says:

I mean, I blame the people who blame the people who blame the blame culture.

Lone Star says:

I blame Karl Rove

Lone Star says:

and Joe McCarthy

Lone Star says:

and Francine Busby

Lone Star says:

and Bin Laden

Lone Star says:

and anybody else who is in the government or is Osama Bin Laden

Lone Star says:

keep blaming Bush & Cheney! They are like soo stupid and they are like obsessed with oil or at least Cheney is

Statri says:

Bush didn't do anything. I know that Shadow Phoenix is saying; the moss thing doesn't work, and we get seagulls all the way in the Montana!

Kai says:

I blame the bipeds. It's all their fault.

TheNextTaggerung says:

I blame rush limbaugh!!

TheNextTaggerung says:

the Big Fat Idiot (see any book by Al Franken)

Lokitf says:

I think it's a decentralized process caused by the unintentional consequences of the actions of various actors

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