Chasing the Sunset
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Magister Magus says:

Pixie Tax ollectors the village was burning and they didn't need their shinies anymore when we got here... Its our story and we're sticking to it.

Chakel says:

LOL!! I love the armor and where did she find so many pixies that would follow?

Narian Goldword says:

Ah no, not the world. I like the world. I don't want it to be doomed.

PixieQueen says:


Sabreur says:

Oh bad. Oh very, very bad. Those poor dwarves and their soon to be 'taxed' shinies.

Chariset says:

Hurrah for the return of Knight Feiht and her Flying Seahorse!

Elystriana says:

Ahhh, pixie army coming- run!
The rainbow around the break looks so cool.

*Skittles* says:

Dang, I hate it when the universe spontaneously breaks!

Nienna says:

You know, repairing those spontaneous universe breaks is really expensive. The repair guy charges somethin' crazy.

Trelweny says:

*squee* Caught back up! ^_^ I love her eyes in the 4th panel!

Neko says:

Ooh! I

Neko says:

Why didn't it post my post completely?!

Neko says:

Ooh! I love Feihts eyes in the 4th panel! Where do I get contacts like those? Lol
"Let's go collect some taxes!"
Lol! ^____^

Vulpis says:

I might as well ask...is this a reference to the recent strip-formerly-known-as-EOU strip? ;-)

Vulpis says:

Oh wait, nevermind. Heh--coulda *sworn* there was a Feiht ref in that strip. guess not. Oh well.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hmm, an invasion by a pixie army.

Why am I not scared? I don't get it...maybe I have a hope that the pixie army will get distracted. Or perhaps I should be more scared than I am.

Inbetween says:

that has to be one of the most frightening warcrys in the whole multivers

Aileen-Heather says:

You should be VERY afraid, please refer to the tax collection of Shinies... what gets between a pixie and shinies... nothing but shinies... Be afraid be very afraid.

LOL On the other hand... what exactly does she mean by AGAIN? I think we need a strip back into the pixies mind of when exactly the first time she broke the universe was....

Narian Goldword says:

Hmm... I assume she's going to pay for the universe breakage repairs with the taxes she collects?
Love the return of the knight suit. Chaos, Insanity, and the Pixie Way!

Olcodger says:

Those aren't pixies: they're golems or poppets or some such.

Neko says:

Yeah, they aren't pixies. Otherwise they would have wings, which they don't. They're probably puppets...

Neko says:

Also, I really like how in the 1st panel, Feiht doesn't have a crown or scepter, but in in the 2nd one she does! She magically put them there... Lol!

Narian Goldword says:

Oh. Oh yeah, I just realized. They also all look alike, which is probably a clue too.
Hey Mith and Alien, I've been wondering-does iron affect magic in The World That Is like it does in other universes?

Funtime says:

Is Feiht digging through an invisible bag of holding?

Vriaeliss says:

Very nifty prismayic glow in her eyes (panel 4) ^_^

TheNextTaggerung says:

....Tax collecting? That is really a bit boring.

Narian Goldword says:

Oh yeah, forgot to say: excellent comic as always. I really love the spontaneous universe-breakage in Panel 3-not the rainbow near te break, though that's amazing, but the odd meldings of colors near the outside. Amazing!

MadMann135 says:

Don't you just hate it when the universe breaks. Most people forget it when it repairs but those that are in tune to it remember and can manipulate the breaks for a moment... being king of the earth for a few hours was fun.
As battle cries go... that is the one that would send the enemy running in the other direction... along with every man, woman and child.

Neko says:

Me and my sister thought, what if that the universe that broke was Earth? WHAT IF SHE'S COMING?! Yay! We'll be best friends...we both love shinies! ^___^ Lol

Neko says:

Funtime: Maybe its hammer space?
(If you watch anime, you'll get it... especially Ranma 1/2! Sorry about the geek joke...lulz)

Nebra Reppalk says:

But aren't we going to take up the slogan, "No taxation without representation!"? I mean, it's an American tradition to evade as many taxes as possible, even if that means fighting an army lead by a pixie.

Airobeth says:

How come that worries me when she says "the universe has spontaniously broken...again"

Inbetween says:

that only proves that people donīt think right. when it comes to pixies, you should fight anything to awoid fighting it, since you will anything whil be ther anyway, only whit a pixi in the lead

Dark Dragon says:

I don't see why the fact that the universe is spontaneously breaking worries people. It happens here all the time. This strip is AMAZING!!!

SirLessdred says:

Oh no, not the world! That's where I keep all my stuff!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, I'm not worried about the universe breaking. Clearly the universe Feiht WAS in was whatever was contained within the anti-magic field. With the breaking of the anti-magic field the "universe" has broken and Feiht is now escaping the confines of the anti-magic field.


her armor looks a bit dark, especialy compared to the earlier dragon slaying armor. wonder if this one has a visor you can look through

Narian Goldword says:

If Feiht is tax collector, does she impose an income tax? (Can anybody remember what comic that was from?)

Pulsy says:

Wow i never knew Feiht had such pretty eyes... Check out that fourth panel!

ames says:

Love Feiht's eyes in the fourth panel ... quick q though - has she always had 6 toes?

I have to agree - as battle cries go, this one sends cold shivers down my spine ... a pixie's idea of fair taxation scares me more than just a little ... on the upside, fool's gold and lots of other relatively inexpensive stuff can be just a shiny as the real gems and whatnot ... :D

Jynx says:

...Is anyone who reads this a history buff out there? Because I would be *very afraid* of Ayne as the leader of the Sons of Liberty, going against Feiht. If the universe wasn't really broken before, it would certainly be then...

TheNextTaggerung says:

the puppets each only have one boot, has anyone else noticed that?

TheNextTaggerung says:

and yes, feiht has a visor this time.

Silverwolf says:

Feiht is just looping back over herself in causality, so there are seven of her in simultaneous apparent time.

Pulsy says:

freedom!!! !

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