Secret Doors
Chasing the Sunset
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Kae says:

It's ok, I still put my shoes on the wrong feet. Very embarrassing, especially when they walk off with my shoes!

Pulsy says:

Hehehehehe stupid dwarves :D I can keep Left from Right just fine, but i always confuse east and west though.

limefuzz says:

geb looks funny when he's on all-fours in the last panel!

Korgmatose says:

hehe, "close sesame".
What's he saying as the command-word to open? It's not entirely legible.

Qurqirish Dragon says:

I think it's:
Panel 2: "From stone to Iron"
Panel 3: "By the power of granite - I have a teapot"

Alex says:

*Rolling on the floor laughing after reading Qurqirish Dragon*

TL Wyvren says:

Behold, the mighty Teapot of Opening!

Viking says:

The last panel is, i think, translated as Close Sesame... wonder if i'm right?
Excellent comic as always Alien & Mith :)

Erebus says:

Ah ah ! Seeing the dwarves laugh at Leaf and then get all embarrassed because they're facing the wrong way was pretty funny.

I don't mix left and right (although my sister does), but it always takes me a minute to remember which way is east.

I really enjoy this underground architecture.

Skreyola says:

hehehe... love it. Absolutely love it. Great job.

Neko says:

Hehe, lol. I love it how he looks so powerful and cool in the third panel, then he's saying the spell to the wrong that was embarrassing!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, it's two unmarked walls and right and left is dependent on which way you're facing. So it is possible to get mixed up if you aren't paying attention.

Then again, I seem to have an innate sense of direction.

Mithandir says:

Yes, dwarves do normally have an innate sense of direction underground, however no kegs of ale have been transported through this secret corridor and thus they are a bit at a loss.

dragonkingoffire says:

is it just me or does the dwarves beard change color in the last panel

Pulsy says:

"I have a teapot"? LOL!

Dark Dragon says:

nah, it's a different dwarf bringing up the rear. I am definetely loving the teapot that doesn't seem to exist.

EveryZig says:

The teapot is a lie!

Alex says:

What's the actual translation? Or is that really it?

If so, it's offically made my week. Although it kinda did that anyway.

Margos says:

By the power of granite, I HAVE A TEAPOT!!!!! LOL

Narian Goldword says:

Ooh, teapot!
Teapots have now been added to the list of my obsessions!
My obsessions are: muffins, those little magnetic flashy thingies you get at parties, undead bunnies, and teapots.
I love the orange-haired dwarf's hair in Panel 2! BRILLIANT! (Literally.)

Narian Goldword says:

And on the subject of left and right, I have no sense of direction. None at all. I only figured out a week ago that most people can tell whether they're facing north, east, whatever. I have no idea which way I'm facing now, in fact. I think it might be south.
No, scratch that, it's west. Sorry.

Sitara says:

Here's a trick to remember east and west: if you're facing north, east is to the right and west to the left. Thus, if it's afternoon and the sun is to your left, then north is straight ahead, south to your back, and east to your right.

Chariset says:

This is right up there with "Speak 'friend' and enter"


Sitara: Unfortunately that only works if you know which way North is. I'm fine with directions if I have a map, and I can make my way around easily enough, but if you ask me which way North is, I'll probably just point in a circle.

Narian Goldword says:

I can figure out which way is north easily enough if it's late afternoon or early morning. But in late afternoon or early morning, I'm usually reading a book in my room or sleeping, respectively.
Shadows help a little, like if my shadow is on my left and it's morning then I'm facing north. I think.
It also helps that I live near an ocean, so if I'm high enough, I can see it and know which way is with.
And despite all this, I still have no sense of direction at all.

BurnedMuffins says:


Jynx says:

Narian: lol! I also have no sense of direction. I live in Chicago and so when I ask for directions people always tell me, 'Lake Michigan is east of here, duh' and I'm always like 'We're 10 miles from the Lake! Which way is East??!!"

lylia123 says:

teapots are awesome. i thought that was more of a human thing though...

Sitara says:

I guess it depends on latitude. In general, I just estimate depending on whether it's before noon or after (although it's hard to tell anything in the hours around noon).


I found the translation in the dragonology hand book

invisibly immortal says:

I know north-south-east-west perfectly, but I still don't know my left from right. :/

fluffy the just says:

translation 2nd panel: from iron to stone

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