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Chasing the Sunset
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furia firelander says:

first comment, yeah

maybe they are rebelling against the fact that they aren't allowed to use magic since there seems to be mages in their group


...whaddaya got?

Solus says:

No obvious "They've always been revolting, but now they're rebelling!" references? Aww.

Aileen-Heather says:

I love the look of honestly annoyed in the third panel. Shes right too Most of us would of joined against ourselves if our armies were puppets lol.

Skreyola says:

Why, the Man, of course!
I love that line where Feiht says she would have joined the rebellion against her rule. Pixies must be equal parts megalomaniac and anarchist.

Narian Goldword says:

They're rebelling against rebellion, of course!
Why does Feiht want to know why they're rebelling? I kind of figured she wouldn't care.
On second thought, don't tell me. I don't want to know.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well at least we're getting around to the WHY the band of rebels are rebelling. I'd like to know that myself...

Although I suppose they could be rebelling for the sake of rebelling. I do that in fencing club all the time. Down with the matriarchy and all that.

Gunnar says:

To actually think that Feith still remembers that she is about to take over the universe... New record for a pixies attention span...

boonerunner says:

Maybe she actually forgot that she was taking over the universe, then got bored and decided to take over the world.

Chariset says:

No no no, Feiht. Ayne meant to say the dwarves are REVOLTING...

Dark Dragon says:

Is it just me, or does Ayne have pointier ears than Leaf?

Unigirl says:

'Hey, Dwarfy, what are you rebelling against?'
Said the Pixie to the Dwarf.

Narian Goldword says:

Dark Dragon: Um, I think they're much longer, but the point isn't as sharp.

HappyComfort says:

Haahaa! I must have forgotten a small point in the beginning of the story. I thought Feiht was a boy!! Silly me!

Dark Dragon says:

ah...thank you.

Narian Goldword says:


Kuyselle Goldword says:

Okay! I have realized that my name invites people to assume that I am male. I am a girl. Female. Two X chromosomes. Got it?
So I'm now changing my name to Kuyselle Goldword. (The "uy" sounds the same as the "uy" in the Spanish "muy".) And remember. Girl, I am. Boy, I am not.

Neko says:

I think they're rebelling against pixies coming up to them and saying "Hey Dwarfy, what are you rebelling against?"

Lol, great comic, as usual!

Dark Dragon says:

...maybe they're rebelling for the right to wear silly horned hats.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Goldword: Really? I guess I always had this feeling you had two X chromosomes. Something about the way you talk I think...

Jynx says:

I always assumed you were a girl too, probably because you remind me of one of my female friends... Is it okay if I still call you Narian? It's easiest for me to remember ^^;;

lylia123 says:

is Narian a feminine name? i thought you sounded like a girl but i thought the name was rather masculine....

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think it could go either way. If it was just "Naria" it would definitely sound feminine. I guess it's one of those situations with a name that could be either masculine or feminine.

I guess I don't really have that issue since I go about declaring I'm a dwarf and everyone assumes dwarves are male. Or I use names like Otto or Sebastian with my other aliases.

Dark Dragon says:

I kinda figured Narian was the fantasy equivalent of Erin/Aron (it could go either way). I usually don't make assumptions about people based on their name. (I know a girl named Charlie!) Out of curiosity though, how do you pronounce "narian" anyway?

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Wow, I go away for one day and suddenly there's all this controversy over me! Okay, one at a time:
Nebra: Yeah, I know I talk like a girl, but Narian is pretty feminine.
Jynx: Sure, I don't mind.
lylia123: Yeah, that's why I changed it.
Nebra(again): I don't know, I always kind of thought of you as a girl. You aren't?
Dark Dragon: NAIR (rhymes with air)-ee-in.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Goldword: Wow...just...wow. No, no I am not a girl. I have always had a Y chromosome.

Slightly frightened now...

Dark Dragon says:

If it makes you feel better Narian/Kuyselle, I used to get mistaken for a guy (as I am a girl) when I was younger because I had really short hair and wouldn't wear pink stuff or dresses. XP

Chariset says:

'Narian' sounds like 'Darian' with a difference. If it were spelled Narien, it would look more masculine.

Watching Ayne turn blue is really quite fascinating. When will the other characters start to notice?

Alex says:

Heh, I had the same problem... I grwe being told I looked 'just like her father'. Not what a girl wants to hear when her younger sister is being praised for looking like a doll.

Oh, yeah....despite the nickname Alex, I am Y-chromosome-free.

Honestly, it doesn't fuss me much on the net. People are less likely to assume your gender impacts tastes or ability. Its kinda nice that way.

Alex says:

*I grew up*

Sorry, it appears my flu-lisp is now entering my typing.

Ashley (Ashes Farpath) says:

And my problem is being mistaken for a girl. (my name is still technically listed as a guys name, rather than a girls name, despite how few people no enough history to know that) And the fact that having Aspergers makes me think in ways that are somewhere between stereotypical "guys" and "gals" ways of thinking, just furthers the confusion.

Nifty comic, also, as this is my first time posting. I like Leaf's plans, tho in temperament I'm probably closer to a mix of Ayne and Feiht.

Osk says:

my nick is actualy Oskatat. some actualy know where i got it from, but, most know me as Osk, shorter and stuff, so i took it as nick most of the time. now, about 50% of the time, people think I'm a girl... I am not, I am of the male gender, for real. Nice cameo in that other strip btw

Osk says:

it actualy took me a minute to spot it, despite being in the middle of the page

Neko says:

I love the closeup of Feiht in the 3rd panel, we don't get a lot of them! She's just so tiny...lol

Dark Dragon says:

I dunno, I don't think Feiht needs close-ups...she causes enough trouble as it is. ^__-

Nazgand says:

I love this comic.

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