Feiht Gone Shoppin'
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Can you figure out what made which character pick the store they went into?

Pav Lucistnik says:

Ayne is obvious, she's a warrior, of sorts. Fire breathing dragon, the fireworks shop is kinda his profession interest, I'd guess. Leaf is still a child -> toys.

Nova says:

She'll be in the toystore. She can wreak havok in more inventive ways there.

Feldar says:

Plus, we've already seen that she can't weild an axe.

noir says:

blue eyes and mouths, nice touch *smile*

eekee says:

Oh their faces in panel 5! I didn't remember that from the first time I read it. I think I'm a bad, bad person for laughing so much! ^_^;

crazypeachez says:

what happened to ayne in F4? did her head suddenly shrink?
or am i hallucinating...

firekin says:

her head shrunk in pannel 4 and myrads head is realy malformed in pannel 1. did the guys dump some radioactive waste on this comic?

Icy says:

Nice blue change for Myhrad in F4.

blazerflare says:

I believe that Myhrad chose the explosive shop because explosives are very easy to blow up.

Alunalai says:

Gee, it's so nice that people come in and criticize the art of others when it's a FREE comic that the artist put the effort into posting.

I'm really liking the comic so far. Thanks for taking the time to do the art and post it.

Bubblegum says:

I think feiht is plotting to blow up the toy store.

Bubblegum says:

U forgot 2 capitalize feiht in the 1st panel but thas ok

blazerflare says:

I do not believe that I have criticized the art work, but I have made some comments.

the raven says:

here's a llama there's a llama and another little llama fuzzy llama funny llama llama llama duck.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Leaf, as he says, thinks Feiht will be distracted by the shiny toys. Ayne, as she says, thinks she'll go after the shinier toys because she's less optimistic. Myhrad is being practical and thinks it's probably best to make sure she isn't in the shop that can go boom before worrying about what horrors she can manage with daggers or squeky ducks.

*Skittles* says:

Panel 5 lol

Statri says:

I agree with Alunalai. Thanks for making the comic for us. I've loved it so far and some parts are really funny. I've almost fallen out of the chair laughing a couple of times!!!

TheNextTaggerung says:

I agree with Shadow Phoenix

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