A Rather Chaotic Revolution
Chasing the Sunset
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demodude says:

wow 500

Chariset says:

Where's Jael? Please tell me he's not lying in a heap in a distant corner of the throne room...

Oh.. wait. Yes he is.

Ivellios says:

He seems more annoyed at how disorganised the rebellion is then angry that the rebellion is happening

Adreanna says:

Congratulations on number 500!!
Great comic, as usual. I love all the background detail in frame 6, especially the dwarf lying up against Geb's foot.

Nebra Reppalk says:

That's the one thing I've noticed about rebellions, they tend to be disorganized. Usually this results in them not following through on things and falling apart when action needs to be taken.

Lee says:

I think the king's just annoyed because he can't take a nap.

Here's to the next 5000!

Lady Amber says:

Well done on having 500, way to go great color and shadeing!!!!!
;) :) {*v*} :P :D

Winterbay says:

Love the alliteration thingie on Feiht :)
We definitely need more words starting with Re in the normal vocabulary of peopel :)

JGray says:

Congratulations on 500 updates! Fantastic!

Sabreur says:

Very nicely done! The facial expressions and shading have improved a lot over the past 500 comics, and I'm looking forward to more.

Frumph says:

Yay 500! ..and to think i'm glad i've been reading for most of allt his time else going through that archive, whew

Rhia says:

Pixie dost be funny ^_^
Whee! Leaf gets his staff back (I didn't even notice he had lost it till now...)

Elystriana says:

"Can somebody please explain what's happening...can somebody who isn't a pixie explain?" Whoot, I love the king's comments, and Myrhad's, and Feiht's 're-everything' explanation. lol. I'm still laughing/choking from this strip.

Elystriana says:

Oh, and did anyone notice that if you move over the fourth panel with the magnifying glass, the king and queen(?)change robe colors. Is this deliberate?

Mithandir says:

Hah, no. I noticed right after uploading that I'd swapped the queen and king during colouring in that frame. I corrected it in the comic, but forgot to fix the highres version.

Osk says:

500 to you :)

bluedragon_102 says:

Congrats, 500! I have been loyal here for years and I love this story, it lightens my day when I see a new comic, please, keep going.

cat says:

Happy 500! Love the strip keep updating!

cat says:

oh i just noticed something. Why is there a ax floating upside down over the king's head in the third panel behind the words?


cat, see page 469; it is fixed by a chain.

also, happy 500 ;-)

Neko says:

Happy 500! Love the comic, as usual, but the 6th frame is so cool, the colors make the scene look even more real.

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

I revolve around the remodel of the resolution of the old ones! Happy rebirthday to you for 500! The resolution is remarkable, because I really remark that it is redone!

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

(I love being annoying.)

hkmaly says:

Happy 500 !

Chariset: No, Jael is not lying in a heap in a distant corner of the throne room. He's kneeling not so far from middle of throne room and is holding his head. You can see him on left of sixth frame with (part of ?) rope he used.

Dark Dragon says:

sweeeeetnesss! I feel really bad about not being able to spread the CtS word. T___T Congrats on the 500th strip though. I like how you have the map in panel 5. ^_^

TheNextTaggerung says:

happy 500sies! *blows horn, bangs drum, throws confetti around*

Allan says:

Congratulations on the 500'th comic Mith and Alien! (Speaking of which, where's Alien been lately? Haven't seen him post in a while.)

I love Feiht's speech at the beginning. Reminds me of V for Vendetta.

Alien says:

Still around. Still loving you folks. Sorry if I seem distant, I can surely post more :)

Osk says:

i just took a better look at that fey. seems to be a bit annoyed with the rebels for reocurringly refusing to rebel


Love the fey's earing in panel 5 (or is it a horning)

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Oh! I just realized what the fey reminds me of!
Some Hindu goddess! With the multiple arms, and the thingy on its head, and the feet in weird positions! YES! THAT'S IT!

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

*confetti* *cake* *general happy*

Lokitf says:

Correction: The BEST comic on the internet.

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