Tension Room
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Can't draw armor, can't draw swords. Good practice though.

\"Me\" says:

It?s easy! I think it?s really easy, I can draw it for you if you want! (Okay, it was just a fun...)

kokopelli says:

Leaf's playing with blocks and rubber duckys now? what next??

Lee says:

Oops, typo! Viscious should read vicious. (Unless you meant viscous, which is something else altogether.)

OneTimer says:

You shall be attacked by the Sword of Gelatinous fury!

Bubbles (Formerly Bubblegum says:

Why is that guards axe hovering over Anye's head?

Yes I changed my name

... says:

"Can I help you?"
"Yes it would be a great help if you could STOP SNEAKING UP ON ME LIKE THAT!!"

Ajemii says:

"Quack the super-ducky" hahahahaha!!!!!

Rendezvous says:

super ducky strikes ...for the first time?

Curiosity says:

I guess Ayne was mostly right, but Feiht went after the helmet first.

Statri says:

I know Leaf's supposed to be a child, but why is he playing with toys now? A child with enough focus to strike out on a search around the world for a father he lost years ago ought to be able to check a toy store for a fairy without being distracted by blocks and rubber ducks.

TheNextTaggerung says:

the 3rd helmet in the 2nd panel is from LOTR!

TheNextTaggerung says:

Seriously, it's a 3rd Age Elven helmet.
And the one farthest to the left MIGHT be a Gondorian helmet (ridiculously pointy.)
(Stupid costume guys made stupid pointy helmets.)(In the movie.)
(I like parentheses.)

Ultrainventor says:

... this is made kind of weird when u consider leaf is over 140 years old.

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