The easy way
Chasing the Sunset
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MadMann135 says:

First WOOT!
Ayne has an intresting sense of humor.
And she's turning more blue with each chapter.

Woulv says:

lol^^ what a lovely comic^^ and there has to be something fishy about that kid^^

Osk says:

a child, not that young anymore, fishing in a puddle and with quite a couple of birds not being scared of him... her... it? nothing fishy at all

Woulv says:

^^ indeed

Rhia says:

Whoa! Ayne is certainly getting bluer! And those leaves look really cool!
Yay! A chicken!

Mkananoja says:

A chicken?


whosoever says:

the chicken, is behind the kid who is fishing.

Pulsy says:

I'm wonder if Myrhad isn't secretly thinking about eating the kid. Or at least give a bite or something to have a taste. He should start thinking something like that sooner or later... :P


ayne also grows more from chapter to chapter

Neko says:

Lol, "I'm telling you! I don't eat children!"
Pillage the village and take all the children! (Usually rum, but it's children in this case.)

Chariset says:

Fey child, maybe?

Elystriana says:

I wonder if that's a stuffed chicken?

Lylia says:

I wonder how one manages to fish in a puddle. It can't be all that rewarding.

Neko says:

Yeah, I know...maybe the kid doesn't have anything else to do, so he decided to go fishing in a puddle?
Lol, I like the hen behind the little boy.
(I also love all the color for the leaves, it looks so awesomely awesome...)

Maxine says:

Isn't Leaf Older Than Ayne?

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