Chasing the Sunset
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Ivellios says:

I would probably return the staff in hopes of a reward.

Katkinkate says:

I agree, hope for a reward or at least that he'll not kill you all for being in possession. And make sure you blame Feiht as quickly as possible.

Mkananoja says:

Say what you must but Ayne is so in her person on last pannel XD I think she neds her own cool lightning effect when her name is called.

oh and btw if staff where returned what stops feiht from stealing it again? or she may be just too distracted abusing malvenicus (kra-ka-toww!!) name over and over again.

Baldric says:

Ah ah ah ! Excellent last panel ! Ayne looks fiendish !

Chessrook44 says:

Oh that last panel can be abused and photoshopped in SO many ways!

Woulv says:

LOL maby hell teach leaf to do magic^^

Nebra Reppalk says:



Icala says:

Well, take into account the fact that this "MALVENICUS" [KRA-KA-TOWWwwww] apparently gets along fairly well with the cute kid who talks to birds. 0_0 The kid hasn't been fried yet. So that's one point in his favor.

VS says:

Maybe he lied and IS Mr. M himself…

Dark Dragon says:

I don't know, the lightning makes Malvenicus *KRA-Ka-TOW* sound kinda friendly... Maybe he has cookies...^___^

Chariset says:

This has the potential to be my favorite running joke ever!

Chariset says:

Also, I wonder if that's Malvenicus *kk-kk-TOOOOOWWWWWWrrrrr* in the chapter title image

Sabreur says:

On the other hand, if he's *not* nice, keeping his staff could have consequences.

eekee says:

/me thinks Malvenicus is Leaf's future alternate persona. :}

Neko says:

Whenever there's a kra-ka-toww when his name is mentioned, who would think that Malvenicus *Kra-ka-toww* is a good person? Lol...

Icala: Lol, good point!

Dark Dragon: If you're right, I'd be his best friend just to get the cookies!!!

Osk says:

maybe he is nice and just likes special effects and some drama

J says:

The kid is Malvenicus. That is why he is close and unafraid and speaks to animals.

Chevette Girl says:

For some reason, I'm drawn to how Ayne's fingers are drawn in that last panel. Something about the asymmetry of the fingers makes it so lifelike...

TheNextTaggerung says:

osk: interesting idea

Lylia says:

Well, either the kid or the puddle has to be magic in some way, otherwise the kid would not have been able to be fishing in the puddle as he was when we first saw him.

My vote goes to him being Malvenicus. (KRA-KA-TOWW!!!)

invisibly immortal says:

Leaf: Uh, er, I think I'll take that as a "no" to the whole nice person thing.

Yaten says:

Kid doesn't have to be magical just cause he was fishing in a puddle. Maybe he's just loopy.

I wonder what Malvenicus (KRA-KA-TOWW!) will say when he discovers his staff has been balloonified...

-Norbert- says:

Probably something akin to:
Great Idea. That should keep it safe from Pixies. And now hand it over.

Rhia says:

No no! The pretty rock in the fourth panel is Malvenicus (KRA KA TOWW!) shape shifted!
Well, it does look rather... unusual...

Dark Dragon says:

Rhia: You mean the chicken?

Also, is it possible that the kid just likes to fish, regardless of the possibility of catching anything? ("My name is Col. Jack O'Neil, and there are no fish in my pond.") ... I wonder what will happen if Leaf uncovers the shiny on the end of the staff...

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Ayne's getting bluer with every comic! :)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Ooh! I bet the kid IS Malvenicus (kra-ka-toww)! That would be SO COOL! If I were Malvenicus (kra-ka-toww), I would disguise myself as an innocent kid to waylay passersby? Why? Because I would be the MAGISTER MALVENICUS (kra-ka-toww)!!!!!!

Chariset says:

Maybe Leaf really is Mal- *rrrumblllee*, yeah, that guy. He's been sleepwalking and teaching animal speech to random creepy children!

Lylia says:

That's a very interesting thing to be doing in your sleep....

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