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Scoot says:

Awesome. A magical construct with programming language :p

Chariset says:

Aww... poor Myrhad. It's a wonder Ayne can walk with him clinging to her leg like that.

Pulsy says:

Programmable ghost with voice recognition technology! That's one of the funniest things ever :D

Winterbay says:

*lol* And the alt-text is hillarious as always :)
Forgetting commas are dangerous...

Nebra Reppalk says:

This is why it's easier to just do things yourself.

Woulv says:

lol, if i had servants like that learning java would be sooo much easyer^^

Dark Dragon says:

writeln('Comic is funny');
writeln('Is Leaf's brooch a scarab beetle?');
writeln('And where is "master" going?');

eric bloedow says:

i think "no walkthrough" means "don't take a shortcut through the wall". reminds me of an old animated cartoon where someone got mad at a robot dor and said "go straight to your room"...

eric bloedow says:

i meant robot DOG, darn typos...

boonerunner says:

*says "handclap"*

boonerunner says:

It doesn't seem to be working...

Dan says:

Re: Winterbay's comment

Holy crap! Since when does this site have alt-text? I'm gonna have to go reread the archives now.

Someguy says:

I think that is way more useful than gibbering some ancient language and wiggling your fingers.
"Start comma spell use dash fireball parenthesis range colon 50 feet parenthesis comma on impact explode comma damage dash a lot quote you fall over and die now end quote comma end comma run."
Makes you wonder if that's what they're REALLY saying.

Osk says:

well, at least i had the right track with pixies. phantasms are just too dangerous in their hands. though not for long because they either get distracted or destroy this reality accidentaly (again)

Osk says:

also, they should treat myrhad more like a kid. he looks in need of a hug. also, those who found feiht being thief spelled backwards... myrhad pronounced backwards sounds a lot like dahrym, or dream

Winterbay says:

@Dan: It's been there for a while but it has mostly been the title of the comic. Lately there have been some funny jokes in there as well, which is always nice :)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Everyone, please... stop abusing the poor common comma. It's already overworked.

Pom Rania says:

As a Computer Science student, I find that hilarious.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Someguy- "way more useful than gibbering some ancient language and wiggling your fingers. " What do you mean? That's EXACTLY what it already sounds like to a Non-programmer!

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Am I the only one catching the Sabriel reference? Or am I just making it up and Mith 'n' Alien have no idea what I'm talking about?
Mith'n'Alien: Happy feel, ice parentheses on bridge end parentheses has quote color comma awesome end quote, quote art end quote, quote lighting end quote knowthatit's AMAZING, loop draw quote comic comma next end quote dash very quickly, quote way to go end quote.

Skreyola says:

Modern magi. :)

Neko says:

Lol how funny.
*comma forgotten* *tower disappears*

Golux says:

Totally love the no wallthrough, instant image of wine stains on a wall and a dripping mass of broken glass on a bent silver tray in a pool of liquid where the phantom decided to take a shortcut.

CNR says:

(Concerning Java) Or, in a more practically refined way:
Researching spells is actually creating the class Spellname{}, which works in a mysterious way, and casting a spell is just really creating an object of the spell and executing the methods/constructor.
Fireball boom = new Fireball(Range, direction, spread);

hkmaly says:

Scoot: Programming language is a way to communicate with something too stupid to be able to decode normal speech. It's logical that it will be used in this case.

Chevette Girl says:

Heh heh, just like any computer, it will do exactly and precisely what you told it to. And what you told it to do might even be what you want it to do, providing you told it correctly!!

Tonic says:

For anyone who's not a programmer he said:
George: take the guests and go to the observatory, but don't walk though walls. Serve drinks appropiate for humanoids and continue to do so until I arrive.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, this is why I'm thankful for GUI formats. Makes things accessible for us who don't know computer code.

Neko says:

I was using the magnifier and noticed that Malvenicus has one yellow (gold?) eye and one green eye, and in the 4th panel, Ayne has a bandage on her leg, where did that come from?!

Wierdo says:

Goldword: Caught that too. I love those books.

I haven't commented in forever, so I figured I would revoice my love for this comic.

Neko says:

Wowzers, I just compared the first chapters comics to this one and the one before, and I've noticed major changes!
Her shading and coloring have gotten quite better, and Leaf doesn't look like a girl at ALL anymore!
And Ayne has changed a lot too, her skin was tan and her hair was dark brown in the earlier comics, now her hair is a dark, dark blue and her skin is almost entirely blue! The Amazon of her is really coming out...
Man, Alien, Mithandir, great job!!!

pandita says:

Great! As always. I just finished rereading the entire strip, and it just keeps getting better.

Also, where do I find said alt-text? I've been reading for close to a year and a half, and I had no idea... :S

hkmaly says:

Tonic: Luckily serving is NOT in loop. It's "Serve drinks appropiate for humanoids and wait until I arrive."

That would be dangerous, serving drinks in loop ... of course depends on how serving is defined, but in the worst case it might end by filling whole room with alcohol.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

hkmaly: And lots of glass. Of course, we're assuming "quote drinks comma humanoid end quote" means alcoholic drinks. And I'm not so sure if that's a good idea. Look what happened last time Leaf got drunk... Furies, anyone?

Tonic says:

It also depends how you define wait. In my mind wait is a blocking command and is used to signify the exit condition for the loop. i.e. loopProccess, loop exitCondition

InBetween says:

hmmm....wounder when the final version of Phantom will be released, and what it will cost. could use one in my hallway of doom...wounder if it comes in c, or if you have to do it all in java...

Mithandir says:

Or maybe it means drinks MADE from humanoids. Hmmm.
This statement does not necessarily reflect the view of the author (me).

Nebra Reppalk says:


megaparsecs says:

pandita: move your mouse over the center of the comic (not the part where the arrows show up) and leave it there for a bit. The alt text will show up for a few seconds.
I like malvenicus's LED's (light emitting daisies).

hkmaly says:

Tonic: Without multitasking there is no logic in making wait blocking, you can leave it as busy waiting.

bluemeadows says:

this strip i admit is really funny but all i could think of was thats someone, nameless but cluching onto Ayne's leg didnt get a hug!!! poor little guy and i can just see her shaking him off and leaving him trembling, i protest!!!!! i think its out of character for leaf just to walk off and leave him to the tender mercys of ayne, no matter how intersting this guy castle is, lol wish you hadnt asked for more comments??

Aerin says:


Silverwolf says:

Reminds me of "The Dragon Knight" by Gordon R. Dickson, where Jim (the main character) works his magic in early attempts by command line.

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

The Java ghost.

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