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Chasing the Sunset
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MadMann135 says:

Broken in 20 seconds.
Leaf would make a great beta tester. He finds ways to break stuff within it's design peramiters.

Tyither says:

I wonder about that wizard in the painting. Nothing says "I made freinds with a Pixie" like trying to match a mohawk to muttonchops.

Chariset says:

That portrait looks a bit like one of Hell's Pixies. says:


Mithandir says:

That was .. fast.
I'm impressed!

Mithandir says:

Well, you won a cameo as a phantom, send me or alien a mail with a rough description and we'll put you in :) says:

Knowing your comic I had fired up my brainf*** interpreter even before I saw the cameo contest :)

Osk says:

I'm very sure i saw the tattoo on the man in the painting before... says:

@Mithandir: you got mail :)

Alric says:

Somehow I missed that there was a cameo contest.

Pulsy says:

Pretty good thing the contest was already solved ... i'd have looked over wikipedia's list of programming languages for ages, and seeing the current solution, that would not have given me the answer :P

Love Leaf's expression in the last panel by the way :D

lnp4668 says:


Alric says:

Comment Open Quote Colon Close Parenthesis Close Quote

eekee says:

Comic + comments made of win today. :D Although I'm ashamed I failed to recognize the programming language.:D

swarm32 says:

That looks a lot like brainf**k. I find it funny that he managed to break something faster than Feiht.

Prior Semblance says:

Did he break it or did he just give it something to think about for a while? What if it comes back intelligent D=

Golux says:

Ooops! Buffer Overflow. Bet he's got shell access now. Do not say anything further. It could cause the destruction of the planet.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Open the task manager! Open the task manager!

EdorFaus says:

Heh, I recognized it as brainf**k, but didn't try decoding it as I figured someone probably had in the comments already (I'm lazy)...
I was right, and didn't notice the contest until Mith started talking about it...
I really ought to get used to checking the title-text on the image. :P

EdorFaus says:

Oh, and... Classic :)
That question, or variations, is a rather common way of crashing AIs, at least in stories. :)
Doesn't make it any less fun though :)

megaparsecs says:

I think that poor man with the awful hair is Malvenicus, he's got the same eyes. Who know what a rebel he was in his youth, with tatoos and a mohawk!

Someguy says:

He doesn't seem to have a tattoo on his head though. Maybe its a portrait of his father?

InBetween says:

Could be

hkmaly says:

Golux: Actually, shell access was what he got before. Now the spoken words will be directly interpreted as machine code, causing futher damage to phantom. World is not in danger - probability Leaf will came to valid opcode just by chance is small enough.

It's clear phantom needs to be rebooted. If possible.

Kickme says:

That language looks like brain****. Please, anything but that!

bluemeadows says:

I love leaf as a person who breaks things as soon as i look at them he is my hero yay!! love his face in last pannel bah? are you reminding us christmas is coming mith? :-P

Silverwolf says:

At least Bill Gates didn't create it. Then the whole castle would have turned blue and exploded.

You Know Who I Am says:


You Know Who I Am says:

| underscore space | underscore | space | underscore space z. :)

For a translation: Try typing it out.

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