Kids in a Magic Castle
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Did Rhyme write the alt text for this one?

MadMann135 says:

Myhrad makes many valid points but left out one minor/major detail. Myhrad forgot who he is with.

Kickme says:

Love Ayne's expression in the last panel. Awesome comic again!

Can't wait until I get back to my laptop so I can look at it in more detail :)

-Norbert- says:

Nice to see that they didn't grew up completely during their journey :)

Osk says:

flawless logic hehe

Nebra Reppalk says:

Actually, did evolution occur in CtS, or was it a more direct creationist approach? Because humans are simians which makes them more curious than other creatures. I'm just wondering what elves could hypothetically have evolved from.

Mithandir says:

ENORCA says:

Ah, they will never grow up ;D


I like the painting covering its eyes in a "oh no' sort of way.

Greyfox says:

The Cake is a LIE!

Lise says:

Aww, Greyfox, you took the words right out of my mouth.


The perspective in panel 3 looks funny.It looks like we're looking up at Myrhad who's standing on the top of the stairs.

It's the angles of the portraits that does it.

Huh? says:

I don't get panel 3 'traps only dragons are supposed to wot of'.

Alien says:

Oh, but you do look up at him. From the corner of the step he's on.
Or... some such?
Ohwell, I'll stick to simple perspective.

Icala says:

"Wot of" = "know about."

Chariset says:

It's not often that the unreasonable thing is the reasonable thing to do

Nebra Reppalk says:

Mith: Okay, that answers some questions.

hkmaly says:

-Norbert-: How could wandering with pixie(s) and becoming amazon make you grow up ? If anything, this could make them more childish :-)

-Norbert- says:

Ayne didn't just become an Amazon on a whim. She also took on the responsibility that came with it and neither of them acted anywere close to childish in the dwarfen city, quite the contrary actually.

Dark Dragon says:

I like the facepalming portrait. :)

hkmaly says:

-Norbert-: The other amazons didn't seem so responsible to me. Yes, they did acted responsibly in dwarfen city. And did it helped them ? No. So why be responsible ?

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