Plan A
Chasing the Sunset
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Fell says:

Only for Leaf would this have been Plan A...

Sir Gawain says:

It worked though, didn't it? I play Euchre the same way.

Someguy says:

That's interesting... a couple panels ago, Ayne's eyes were definitely bluish, but second panel (zoomed in) they're much closer to green. Just the flame-glare?

Odofitzg says:

Very good, including the physics of having Leaf brace himself on the edge of the path so that the heavier Ayne doesn't pull him off. Ayne's comment is typical and funny.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Plan B is always twice as many explosives as plan A.

The Paladin says:

This was well done, I'm glad I decided to continue reading

Osk says:

pretty good job actualy. a bit twisted, like all his plans, but it worked

neuefruhling says:

I sure am glad that Leaf started wearing pants a while back.

Schubacca says:

Maybe this is a sign of personal growth, Leaf knew whatever plan A was it would eventualy dissolve into this anyway... so he just started here and went from there.

InBetween says:

yeah, leaf probably is a strategic mastermind, if he always start whit what for most peopel is at most plan b or c, he is one or 2 moves ahead of the enemy...

Pulsy says:

Wow that's actually a very clever way to solve this problem... i never would have thought about this solution!

Tensko1234 says:

Leaf sure did pay attention in Elf Physic 101.

HamstersEverywhere says:

I don't know why nobody likes Leaf's plans. They always Work!

Sir Gawain says:

It's the Cassandra Syndrome, Hamster.

hkmaly says:

I suppose next time she will be really needing rescuing :-)

Odofitzg says:

hkmaly -- I really doubt it.

Elystriana says:

Cassandra Symptom? What is that?

pixy god 17 says:

"moving on to plan R"
"Where are we going to find a PB&J sandwich, and a unicycle?"
"fine, plan Q then"

Leinad says:

Leaf's plan's don't work, they just take Murphy's Law by surprise!

Ellendra says:

"Cassandra Syndrome", in Greek mythology Cassandra was cursed to foretell the truth clearly and accurately, but to never be believed.

Vinom, the God-King says:

It's not a syndrome, it's an arcatype, the Unheided Prophet

Sir Gawain says:

Thank you, Ellendra.

Mithandir says:

If memory serves me, she was also the one who in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar told the emperor to "beware the ides of March"

Thoracle says:

But the plan is so beautiful in it's simplicity! Is this not a logical way to overcome the problem?

Vinom, the God-King says:

Mithandir, your memory serves you wrong, The prophicy of the Ides of March was made by the Soothsayer, which was one of Shakespears classic fool characters, like the Gatesman.

Mithandir says:

I stand corrected. I shall have my memory publicly flogged! I do know cassandra made an appearance in red dwarf, though, except that there she was believed but turned out to be lying :)

Vinom, the God-King says:

Ah Red Dwarf, the humor of Sci Fi, I love the episode where time goes backwards, and if you play it backwards, the actors insult you.

Schubacca says:

Casandra, princess of Troy, given the gift of prophesy, snubbed Apollo's romantic advances, was then cursed to never have her visions believed, so when she saw the fall of Troy she was ignored.

Schubacca says:

Casandra syndrome, the belief that you are always right but no one ever believes you.

Phenoca says:

Genius. I am totally with Pulsy here. But he did use magic to free her :)

Silverwolf says:

so...Leaf's plan was to re-create an AP physics quiz?

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