The Rules
Chasing the Sunset
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Osk says:

ayne has so much faith in malv

Sir Gawain says:

Congrats, Osk! You were the only on who said the minotaur was just knocked out.

Ayne's going to find herself in trouble. People don't like being called senile (and I've got the scars to prove it) and Malv's pretty sort of more powerful than most.

distantvoices says:

So, Malv might still know more about magic that most people will ever do,eh? Ayne should pay more attention to what Leaf is saying. There are verbal "Fallstricke" (trip wire?) to no end. ^^

The Paladin says:

This is gettign very ominous. If they broke those three rules, does leaf get disqualified?
also, why does Ayne keep insulting Malv? He is pretty obviosly strong if he could get her tied up in that room

Sir Gawain says:

I'm guessing she's still annoyed about that.

Sir Gawain says:

Is it just me or is Ayne getting taller? She can't have had more than an inch or two on him in the beginning.

Jeremiah says:

I like the stuffed alligator in Malv's study. Is it a Discworld reference?

Chariset says:

The alchemist's stuffed alligator! Yesss!

MadMann135 says:

Leaf is getting past a magician's trial with Leaf smarts and Ayne's muscle.

InBetween says:

ofcourse they use Aynes muscles. If they only used leafs smarts then it's not certain the tower(s)would still be there when they where done.

ivellios says:

while we can use magnifier now, how do you use it in the archives? as I don't remember seeing it available when I last re-read them

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think the point made in this comic is that rules are only added for comedic effect.

-Norbert- says:

What is the little red thing that's climbing around on the shelfs in the background of panels 2 and 4?

Peredus says:

I love the hanging reptile in panel two. says:

hmm, whats that little imp going for?

Winterbay says:

I think the Imp is going to try and steal the top of the staff...

Winterbay says:

Also, hmm... Knocking out minotaur and stealing keys are just two things. What was the third thing they broke?

Falsesummer says:

At a guess, one's a rule against knocking out minotaurs, one's a rule against stealing keys, and one's a rule against doing both at once. Even so, rule 426 is probably newly created.

Lee says:

The hanging crocodile has been a fantasy cliche for a while now - that's why Pratchett uses it.

PS Read the Alt text. It contains a potentially useful reminder.

She Wolf says:

How do I access the alt text?

She Wolf says:

I wonder if the 3 rules are redundant.
If 3 people says ignorantly "There s no rule that says I cant knock out the minotaur" Then based on the premise of the first rule- they would need to re-add the "You cannot knock out the minotaur"

Tonic says:

I think the rule is that you "shouldn't" knock out the minotaur. Clearly you can. They should get a better minotaur. Or at least take out his nose ring.

Icala says:

She Wolf: Hover your mouse over the comic for the alt text.

Vinom, the god-king says:

I think that Ayne's height has been increasing with her blueness.

InBetween says:

i wounder if the imp is trying to steal anything, i gues it depends on how closly realated to pixies they are...

Mithandir says:

Tee hee, I knew this strip would end up on tvtropes :P

hkmaly says:

Winterbay: He might refer to something from previous strips - like the fact Leaf went to save Ayne.

hkmaly says:

Or, maybe the minotaur, the keys and the fact it was Ayne doing that and not Leaf.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

I wanna mage workroom like that! With the alembics and pheonix and demon behind the text bubble in Panel 4!
And a rulebook like that. Is that a rule of magework, or just of life in general? I think the latter.

Midge says:

Is that a pheonix in panels 2 and 3?

.. says:

Rule Six: There is no rule six.

Mad Grace says:

:A real corkindrill hanging from the rafters"!

Bucky says:

Well, there's no rule that says I can delete rules on a whim.

Alien says:

Bucky: There is now.

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