Dragon Fall Down Go Boom?
Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:

... i don't ge-oh wait when goldilocks sawe the three bears she fainted... right...

the krud says:

no. she's talking to Leaf. DUH!

dragonfan says:

it would have been much more funny if myrad did blow up the explosives

Icy says:

LOVE Aynes expression in F6. Snuggly Smug.

Narissona says:

So... where are the 3 bears. NOw you need 2 write a book on Feiht and the 3 bears. That would be interesting

Bubbles says:

"All I wanted was some pudding"...SPLAT!

Shadow Phoenix says:

He's Goldilocks cause he's blonde. Duh. ^_^

Statri says:

Good work on frame 3. Myhrad looks cute there.

ultrainventor says:

cant blame the shopkeepers for fainting though,

ultrainventor says:

love how Myhrad is just sitting there inocently in the second pannal.

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