To Port! (or Starboard)
Chasing the Sunset
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Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

Divining rod? What is that?

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

Forgive my ignorance...

Feldar says:

It's a stick used to find water.

noir says:

a divining rod is a stick used to search out things you lost, dont know the whereabouts of etc....

Frostfire says:

I like Feiht, she has the best lines. :)

Lee says:

So in a town that't built on the edge of the water they don't have, let's say...A FENCE???

Alien says:

A fence on the docks? That would be a bit silly, I would think.

Lee says:

OK, removable chains between posts then. Anything that would prevent people just stepping off the edge.

Icy says:

Aaaawww...blowing up stuff is fun...

Narissona says:

but how do you work a divining rod? can u use any old stick?
better yet, can it find chocolate?

Bubbles says:

Better be darn good chocolate!

*Skittles* says:

Feiht's ears are weird. In panel 1 they are all curly.

Lee says:

I believe a divining rod has to be Y-shaped. You hold the ends of the Y in each hand and walk slowly forward with the tail extended in front of you. If the rod twitches it means you've found an underground source of water. Or not.

Statri says:

Lee is almost right. I think it's two L-shaped rods, and I'm pretty sure they're made of metal. If you hold one in each hand and don't move them deliberately, they will cross themselves together when you find water.

pendraco says:

course, with a Divining rod, you also have to the skill to use it.. not too many people with the skill around anymore though

Ultrainventor says:

of course, dig deep enough and you will find groundwater, even in desserts. forgive me if i spelled it wrong. cactus plants find water because their roots are extremely long and dig deep down into the earth's crust.

Elvende says:

My family have a history of being able to use divining, we use a semicircular piece of wire. You hold it vertically and if it dips you've found underground water.
My great grandfather used it to dig wells on people's farms. My dad and I have tried and we both appear to be able to do it too.

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