The Gray Port of Di'zra
Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:


Adae says:

This is my favorite comic^_^

Empress Catriona of the Cat-Elves says:

I LIKE the LOTR joke....

King of Shadows says:

Everybody ignores the dragon eh? Oh well.

kokopelli says:

lotr rules!

Narissona says:

Where are all the hairy midgets right now?

Bubbles says:

Poor Myhrad

Say, in the pic of him next to the thing that sais
"community" he is purple but otherwise hes bluuuuue

the raven says:

i was once a treehouse i lived in a cake but i never saw the way the orange slayed the rake.i was only three years dead but it told a tale and now listen little child to the safety rail.(Nevermore.)

Nightclaw says:

What's with you keepin' on singin' the llama song? O_____o

Shadow Phoenix says:

It's familiar except that those other elves didn't have to pay.

Meoi Lass says:

...I don't think that I have heard that anywhere else...

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