Trespassing in Ancestral Lands
Chasing the Sunset
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Shadow says:

Yay!! We could all die any second. Woo-hoo!! And the shiny is gone... =(

Chariset says:

I think the Lady will understand. They're not there to rubberneck; they're on a rescue mission.

Anakha says:


Also: Finally he sees it. But if thats such a bad thing needs to be clarified later on (when he`s a REAL mage, perhaps? ;) )

Alric says:

/me trespasses on the site to leave a comment

Alric says:

/me trespasses on the site to leave a comment

Winterbay says:

Twice too :)
Love Feihts logic :)

Kae says:

Dragons! ...I think? Or some manner of long tailed winged thing, like that fishlovin' reptile from way back. Though I suppose the wings look more feathery than leathery.

Baldric says:

I really enjoy the very detailed forest background.

Osk says:

i dont think dragons are very endangered.... and i'm wondering how many people still know what grues are

Pulsy says:

Osk: i was just about to ask what a grue was... *shuts up and whistles innocently*

Vinom the GodKing says:

Grues are creatures that live int the darkest of
:Go North
What, no, Dang it........

Nebra Reppalk says:

As long as you make it through the forest by day, you won't have to worry about grues.

stormkite says:

and stay out of twisty little passages....

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

Now there is a interesting concept. Elves are wild at heart and love nature, yet the way they live with nature changes it, and makes it no longer wild. That's going to be a painful realization.

Ford Prefect says:

OMG!!! We're all gonna die!!! COOL!And get lost!!! SWEET!

Alric says:

In the words of Feiht "Yay!"

Kuyselle Goldword says:


Winterbay says:

Grues are nice things. And if you find an egg you can make a grue egg omelette ( :)

hkmaly says:

What way? Without taming trees, building cities, waging wars, seeking magic and destroying mysteries there will be no way, only staying in one place. Figuratively speaking.

Osk says:

grues were a myth from nethack (i never found one!), one of the oldest rpg ever, and now feature in the online game kingdom of loathing, which likes to make fun of almost everything

Darius Drake says:

They have figuratively walked into a human settlement, and started living outside of it to make their lives easier. :)

Shazbot says:

Dangit, not Nethack, Zork! People don't really know, do they?

... says:

Turn off your monitor.
It is now pitch dark...

hailstorm says:


Lokitf says:

I wonder what the lady would think of the Unibomber? or the ELF.

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