Seeking Passage
Chasing the Sunset
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Mr.L33T says:

she should have called it a lizzard!

kokopelli says:

Leaf is a he.

Me says:

Duhhh! :0

Bubbles says:

No his gender is questionable

bookbook says:

How about, "We need passage for two elves and a pet." They can't see Feiht, and Myrhad is kind of a pet. Lemme try these out...
  • bookbook says:

    Bastet says:

    Yeah, Leaf should've said that there would be 2 elves and a pet instead.

    Bubbles says:

    BULLETS?! How'd u type BULLETS! I mean it might not work on my computer cos the control+I thing didn't work but-but...

    Lone Star says:


    Lone Star says:


    Statri says:

    Poor Myhrad...

    ????? says:

    Leaf is defenently a boy based on the fact that everyone in the story knows he is a he

    ultrainventor says:

    in later comics Leaf says to another dragon that Myhrad is not a pet, but a friend. he should have said "It will be me and a few friends of mine.

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