Playfully Trustworthy
Chasing the Sunset
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elexti says:

Love the last panel!

Winterbay says:

Fourth panel is funny :) Also, love the alt-text.

Alric says:

Faerie dragon to the rescue!

Anakha says:

Indeed Myrad is a wise Dragon.
Lets hope it does not rub off too much, that would mean less fun....;)

Winterbay says:

Also: Yay for hidden pixies! :)

OWK says:

Maybe Ayne should point out to Feiht that the Shadow Wolf has shiny eyes...

Golux says:

Spoiled Teenager-Like. Heh!

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

Right, trust the shiny faerie dragon thingy. Not because you believe in it, because its the only thing keeping you rom becomming a midevening snack.

stormkite says:

also trust it because if you're following it, you don't need a torch, which means the forest won't feed you to the shadow wolf just to get rid of you.

Skreyola says:

I love it. Myhrad is wise.

hkmaly says:

Let's hope there no swamp in forest. Not that the Fairie dragon would want to take them to it, but, you know ... he simply didn't notice it's there ...

She Wolf says:

Very smart reasoning.. and I like the difference between the faerie dragons and pixies. :)
Nice miniaturized el- I mean human eating plant in the second panel. It looks like it wants to eat our heroes up.. if it was only big enough.

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