(Not) seeing things
Chasing the Sunset
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Nebra Reppalk says:

An earth spirit of some typer perhaps?

Cemalidor says:

At least this 'person' speaks bold. :lol:
And we get the clue that it thinks as 'fey' about it self.

Osk says:

I was already laughing at the first panel. Tug of war for the staff! and at the 4th... anything better to focus on than the fact that there is a monster following you, right?

Anakha says:

Now lets see who the "rock" is......;)

Winterbay says:

Heh :)
Love the reference in the alt-text.

Also: Why is the fish speking about a bow?

Something says:

The "this is why elves" balloon kinda bugs me. Translucent speech balloons should remain within their frame IMO. :)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Awww. Poor elves. They've lost the ability to stare, fascinated, at a faerie dragon and go "Ooh. Shiny." while a monster creeps up on them.

Someguy says:

The speech bubble is there to hide something in the little slot there. You can see it with the magnifier.

hkmaly says:

Does it really work that way? Why then are fey themselves able to see fey? Also, perhaps the sense of wonder would return after they rest :-)

hkmaly says:

Hmmmm ... also, Myhrad the cynic still see Feiht, doesn't he? I think they are safe. But nice theory.

hkmaly says:

I have another theory. Once they really lost their sense of wonder, humans will not be able to see them.

Pulsar says:

hihi "Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine" :D love it ^^

OWK says:

Apparently some fae are better trained than others in how not to be seen...

Cemalidor says:

.... Somehoe i don't that he/she/it will stand up... :lol:

Lee says:

I suspect the fish talking about a bow is a pun of some kind, but I can't work it out.

Firelander says:

Maybe we will work it out in the next strip

l says:

I can't see what is hidden because there is no magnifying glass anymore

Amagica says:

There is no magnifier for this page. I really wanted to see the pixie in the empty space too. :(

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