Druid Standing
Chasing the Sunset
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Cemalidor says:

Yay, finally update. :D
Cynical? I call that realistic! :lol:

Winterbay says:

I love the stone's comment in the third panel :)

Osk says:

i think feith painted something like 'kick me' on the rock

EcchiKitty says:

Pixie grafitti.... the mere thought is scary....

Anakha says:

But fun too.....
And yes, eating the wrong mushrooms is ONE of the explanations for the recent druid missconceptions.

Vulpis says:

Anakha--on the part of the druids, or on the part of the people 'chronicling' their history?

Meanwhile..nothing hidden for the magnifier this time?

Nebra Reppalk says:

It's interesting how often cynicism and realism coincide as qualities.

Lindale says:

It looks like Feiht is concentrating on the graffitti... maybe everyone should be scared XP

And I love the comment about mushrooms XD

l says:

I agree. Feiht actually looks like she is thinking! Pixies aren't supposed to think! It is too terrifying to even imagine!!!

I'm gonna curl up in a dark, non-shiny hole for the next couple thousand years (or at least until the universe is back to normal, and the pixies aren't actually PLANNING mass chaos).

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Priceless!!!! And I shall have to remember this for all my Druidic friends! :D (Snerk!)

Myst says:

May the Cynical dragon live a very long time

Lee says:

No bonus sketches in the gaps? Swizz.

Darius Drake says:

Okay then, fine. You have things to fear, but nothing that being cynical can do anything about fixing or stopping.

Torjin says:

Being cynical never helps fixing or stopping anything - but it helps to bear standing by and see like things happen anyway...

hkmaly says:

I don't know why youngs should be disallowed to be cynical. It's not so hard - especially in today's world ... (of course, Myhrad doesn't live in our world. I would suppose it was his personal experience which made him so cynical. How would YOU feel if your dinner parted you from your parents?)

Pulsar says:

Go Feiht! i wonder what she's painting... hope we get to see it in the next comic!

Golux says:

Carve Me!

... says:

"I prepared Explosive Runes this morning."

There are RIGHT mushrooms?

... says:

Nothing in the margins but there is a glowing lump in the sky. Point to the e in 'advice' in panel 4.

Funny how everyone (?) got used to the idea that the magnifier is just for looking for stuff in the margins...

Alien says:

*ponders attending moon drawing classes*

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

When you don't eat the wrong mushrooms, what will still talk?

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