Chasing the Sunset
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caribet says:

ooh! More shinies ... lovely comic, and good to see you are getting well enough to feel like drawing. Get well soon!

Inari says:

Fun! I had the previous comic already loaded, and it wasn't showing up, so I reloaded, and here you had posted another one! :)

Inari says:

Oh, and don't worry about the shading, it still looks marvelous.

Pulsar says:

I'm fairly sure this one is shaded though. Love the light effects around the faerie dragon! I wonder if it shrunk them. That would probably explain why it didn't shrink along with them. Poor feiht, she was already too small to carry a lot of shiny's, now it'll be impossible!

Inari says:

He started shading, and then stopped since his hand was hurting. But it still looks great!

Golux says:

Heh! they even got Feiht. Maybe they can ride the dragon now. That'd be way faster than walking!

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

ooo, I like that idea- ride the pretty musical rainbow fairie dragon!


*giggles* So Feight's matched relative sizes with them, I see, but the faerie dragon hasn't. Well, Feight's silly, so it's all good.

eekee says:

bah, typed my name in the wrong box.

Vulpis says:

Huh--no secrets to find with the magnifier, and it just magnifies the normal version of the comic, rather than the word-balloonless version like it used to. How long has that change been in place?

Kuyselle Goldword says:

This feels totally like Alice in Wonderland, for some reason. Oh! Maybe it's the giant mushroom.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

OH! The Faerie Dragon! Even Prettier at this size! :D (Yeah, I'm a sucker...) Please don't hurt yourself by trying to do too much before your hand HEALS, Mithandir!

hkmaly says:

Maybe most carnivores will ignore them, but they could be prey of insectivores now ... IMHO even worse.

Isn't the magic staff now bigger ... er, less shrunk?

hkmaly says:

... unless they kept their mass, in that case nothing can harm them. And even if they don't, they now super-strong, because strength of muscle is proportional to square (second power) of size while mass is proportional to third power of size.

Zela says:

Huzzah, shiny comic!
I just want to say - I'm a little confused about Leaf's staff. It seems to be illuminating the area around it, yet it has a shadow on itself... or else is darker on one side?
Every time I look away from it, the dragon seems to be blinking. Oh, it's the update clock. I need more sleeps.
Great job, as usual! Rest up and get well, both of you! :)

Alien says:

Thing is, the staff sheds light, yes, but the faerie dragon sheds more.

Cemalidor says:

:D Nice comic.

Zela says:

Oooh, I get it. Thanks!

hkmaly says:

Where IS the magnifier for this comics?

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Yay! You're at least somewhat better!
Kuyselle: Very like Alice in Wonderland. Except for the now-huge faerie dragon.

hailstorm says:

no sombody CANNOT answer your question

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