A plan to come
Chasing the Sunset
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NightDancer says:

Feiht has a severe case of A.D.O.S. - Attention Deficit...Ooh Shiny!

-Norbert- says:

I love how Myhrad is making himself comfortable on a grass stalk.

Baggis says:

Haha love the last panel, "So much for safe." :P
Great drawing as always, the details are awesome.

Lee says:

Anyone notice how Myhrad's pose on the grass stem makes him look a bit frog-like? Maybe somebody will kiss him and he'll turn into a handsome optimist. (Yeah, right...)

Pulsar says:

If Feiht sits on the grass and Myhrad jumps off, will Feiht get launched?


Anyone wonder what the dragon's melody would actually sound like?

Azrael says:

I did, so I played it, as best as I could, on my keyboard. Quite beautiful, though I have no earthly idea if it's a original song, or something I should know. Also, it was played at the wrong tempo, as I can just barely read notation. So I had to take it very slow, and make sure I was hitting the correct keys.

Cemalidor says:

Famous last words: I got a plan. :lol:
Ok, to be fair his plans weren't THAT bad, at least not always. ^^

Adam Cuerden says:

Both are real, though the second is a bit obscure. It's from an opera named "Dorothy". The first someone should surely know, though you didn't get "Let us fly to a far off land where peace and plenty dwell" last time, so we shall see ={>

Adam Cuerden says:

Note for the second one that the lyrics are the best fit I and Mithandir could find (though substitute "I" for "They"). The song also has a popular title, that's not meaningful here.

Searching for my name and "Dorothy" in google will get you sheet music. Also some fairly bad, over-tempo MIDIs.

hkmaly says:

Why is link rel="stylesheet" href="css/cts2006b.css" type="text/css" added to this page ( http://fantasycomic.com/index.php?p=c609 ) making comics smaller?

hkmaly says:

And why its posted in chapter 2, storyline 17, as a strip #84, while the previous one is posted in chapter 17, storyline 83 as strip 608?

nintendost says:

Article very interesting, I will necessarily add it in the selected works and I will visit this site

Mithandir says:

hkmaly: because I messed up. Both problems should be fixed now, thanks.

CNR says:

"In this performance of Peter and th... Leaf and the Dragon, we hear the Faerie Dragon being played by the Clarinet. As usual, Feith is being played by the random noise generator, and Bob the Janitor is being represented by the Accordion"

Inari says:

Lol, did we just get some spam?

Greata comic btw, I love Myhrad in the 5th panel :)

Pulsar says:

>>"Feith is being played by the random noise generator"
AHAHAHAHAHAHA :D dude you're killing me here XD

Darius Drake says:

When don't you have a plan, Leaf?.


Osk says:

i'm surprised that feith isnt going "ooh shiny music dragon"

4WindsWanderer says:

I thought Feiht was the original case of Attention Deficit -- Oh, Shiny! . . . where DID it originate, then?

Someguy says:

Well its interesting that Myriad looks frog-like in the last panel. Most times when he assumes that position its more 'cat-like' because his knees aren't taller than his belly/back, but this time, they are. Perhaps the grass sort of bent under his weight?

Fifi the Wonder Poodle says:

The dragon in the second panel makes me think of that children's show with dragons. There was a two headed one (The purple side feminine {She was really weird, and said "Okie dokie artichokey!} and then the green side was male) and then there was a big one (Pretty sure he was blue) and he was a scaredy cat.
I dunno, did anyone watch that show as a kid?
Maybe I'm just crazy.

Ultrainventor says:

hmmm... could that be quest for Camelot by any chance?

Nah, not much of a childrins show, and only one dragon.

Sasha says:


Ultrainventor says:

that makes more sense, but I wouldn't know. never watched it.

Tezmara says:

Yep, that was Dragon Tales
There was the 2 headed one, then the big blue scardey cat, and a little pink one that was a girl and then the two (and sometimes a third, Spanish speaking) children.

Yep, I remember things like that LOL

Ultrainventor says:

watch out for anteaters!

and spiders,

and venus fly traps,

and miniture guardians!

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