How Fragile We Are
Chasing the Sunset
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the krud says:

(sob) such a touching issue. now, back to travelling.

Mr.L33T says:

you should have made frame 1 into a chapter into immage...
on another note, I liked the sunset and how you alligned the words with its reflexion

Icy says:

I like that breeze blowing in F1

Bubbles says:

Wahoo...origin of the title

Leaf looks less like a girl in the 1st panel

bookbook says:

*long elfish poem*
"I miss you daddy."
hmm... kind of funny...

Rendezvous says:

bubbles is right

Lone Star says:


Lone Star says:


Squirt says:

Pwetty poem.

ultrainventor says:

nice destiny pose.

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